The Harvest || h.s.

The Harvest - An event that took place annually in the Kingdom of Adwick, where Prince Harry selected one young lady from all over his Kingdom, from the age range of twenty-one to twenty-six, to live with him on his castle. But, what happened once the Chosen set foot in the castle? No one in the Kingdom had a clue.

Harry Styles AU


5. Chapter 4


Lena was finishing her breakfast, all alone in the dining room. The Prince came that morning to knock on her door, signaling that it was time for Lena to wake up, but then left the castle, going God knows where.

Betty cleaned up after she finished eating, Lena secretly helping her to do the dishes and clearing up the table. It was their little secret.

Lena knew what it felt like to be in Betty's shoes, being a peasant herself, so she helped Betty do her chores anytime she could.

A man was waiting for Lena in the garden of the castle. She recognized him as the guard that forcefully dragged her to the front line.

The man introduced himself as Laird and shook Lena's hand.

"I apologize for being rude yesterday afternoon; I hope I didn't cause any damage." Laird apologized sympathetically.

"Don't worry; you haven't," Lena reassured him, discreetly bringing her left hand to cover the bruise her right arm.

"Shall we go? There's someone who wants to meet you."

They both walked through the vast and confusing maze-looking garden of the castle until they reached the stables.

"Here is where Prince Harry keeps his beloved horses. He will let you choose one and teach you to ride himself. He wants you to enjoy his hobbies as much as he does."

They entered the stables, where dozens of majestic creatures were forced to live in their small stalls. His stallions were the most beautiful horses Lena has seen in her entire life.

They stopped in front of an open stall, and Laird turned to Lena.

"Here is where I leave you. Have a great rest of the day." Laird smiled and left the stables.

"So we finally meet." A sudden voice startled Lena. She gasped and turned around, to the open stall, where a handsome blonde man dismounted a stallion from the left side. The man took Lena's hand and bowed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Lena." He kissed Lena's hand.

"Um, Princess?"

"Of course." He said like it was obvious. "The name's Niall. Prince of Ireland. Soon-to-be king." The man introduced himself proudly. Lena's eyes widened in shock, and as soon as she heard those words leave Niall's lips, she took a bow.

"I-I'm so sorry, my lord. It's a pleasure." Lena apologized for her previous behavior.

"Don't worry, love. The pleasure's all mine." He smiled at Lena.

"What a breathtaking smile, and that strong, charming Irish accent." Lena thought to herself.

Niall checked Lena out, from the bottom to the top. "Harry does have the best taste in women; there's no doubt in that." The foreign Prince smiled, causing Lena's cheeks to tint themselves a bright crimson color.

She murmured a shy and quiet, "Thank you" and smiled back at him.

"Let me show you the rest of the castle, yeah?" Lena nodded. "What would you like to see first, the library, or-"

"The library sounds nice." Lena interrupted Prince Niall.

He chuckled and nodded, nodding toward the inside castle. As soon as they walked in the enormous library, Lena felt as she would faint. It had endless rows of books on the walls, as well as various bookcases throughout.

From the most acclaimed writers to the less known poets. It had Lena's favorite books, and tons of others she would kill to read.

Lena ran to one of the shelves, grabbing and smelling the books, opening and reading a few lines of others, she felt like she was on cloud nine.

There was a lonely shelf at the back of the room, with fewer books than the others. Lena's curiosity drew her toward the shelf. The few books that rested on the shelf were encrusted with gold. Lena took one in her hands and blew the dust away from the book.

She has never heard of any of these titles or authors before.

"Prince Harry's private collection and his favorite books." Said a voice behind her.

She turned to Niall, "I had no idea he liked reading."

"He does, a lot. But he rereads these same books over and over. They were his father's favorites, too."

"I should probably put them back. Don't want to get myself in trouble." Lena thought out loud.

"Oh, don't worry, darling. You can read these if you want. So you are into books, huh?" Lena nodded. "Well then, maybe you can show him other books. I bet he'd like them." She nodded again.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked, wiping a tear from Lena's cheek as soon as they started streaming down her face.

"It's nothing. I'm okay." She answered, wiping her tears away.

"You can tell me, you know. I'm not going to hurt you." Lena shook her head. "Hey, hey. Listen to me. Everything is going to be okay, alright? It's normal to be scared the first few days in the castle, trust me every girl is. But you're here now; your life is going to get better." He lifted her chin and made her look directly into his eyes.


"I promise. What are you so scared of?"


"Harry?" Lena nodded.

"He won't hurt you. I swear. I won't let that happen. He just wants to find love."

"Then why force me to live with him?" Lena looked up at him through watery eyes.

"I don't know. You'll have to figure that out yourself. Talk to him tonight at dinner. He's shy. I'll skip it to give you two some alone time okay? He's really a great man. You'll see."

Lena just nodded again and sighed. There was something about Prince Harry that made every hair on her body stand on air.

She thought about asking Niall about the toy train, but she just kept her mouth shut. She decided just to mind her own business.

"Let's continue with the tour, shall we?" Niall invited and took her on a tour of her new home.

They stopped at the foot of a long marble staircase; it was situated at the end of a hall on the third floor.

"This is the forbidden floor. You must never go up these stairs. An order that comes from Harry himself. So please, whatever you do, don't go up these stairs." Niall warned.

They continued with the tour, Niall showed and explained every single piece of furniture, room and painting in the castle. The history of the castle was amazing. Some of the rooms were a bit creepy, they sent chills up and down her spine, and Lena made a mental note to never visit them again.

The tour ended in Lena's bedroom hall. Niall told her that the chamber across of hers was where he was staying, and he invited her inside.

A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling of Niall's room, which was surrounded by paintings of him next to Prince Harry, of his family, and riding his stallion, the one that was in the stables.

They sat down on Niall's bed and started a pleasant conversation.

"What about you? Is there a Princess of Ireland?" Lena asked, raising one eyebrow.

Niall chuckled and replied with, "No, not yet. Just my brother's wife, who isn't technically a princess because he gave up his title to marry her."

"That's so sweet." Lena smiled.

"Yeah", Niall ran a hand through his hair, "I do need a wife, though. Can't become the King if I don't have a Queen."

"And what are you going to do?" Lena asked concerned.

Niall sighed. "I have no idea. If I don't find one by September, my mother is going to have to set me up. I have to avoid that."

"And is that so terrible?"

"Oh, believe me, it is. Princess Alyssa was a set up for Harry. There wasn't any love there. I don't want that to happen to me."

Lena had no idea.

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