The Harvest || h.s.

The Harvest - An event that took place annually in the Kingdom of Adwick, where Prince Harry selected one young lady from all over his Kingdom, from the age range of twenty-one to twenty-six, to live with him on his castle. But, what happened once the Chosen set foot in the castle? No one in the Kingdom had a clue.

Harry Styles AU


3. Chapter 2


Lena, Amelie and their mother finally arrived at the Town Square after miles and miles of walking. Amelie hugged Lena, and their mother kissed her goodbye before she approached a handsome blonde man with broad shoulders and a serious expression on his face. A guard of the castle, Lena assumed. Lena introduced herself to the man and gave him her I.D.

The man glanced at the I.D. for a moment, before saying with no emotion on his face, "Over here, Miss Marrow."

He escorted Lena to one of the rows full of beautiful young women waiting for the Prince to arrive, and none of them looked not even a bit as worried as Lena was, that comforted her a little, and she relaxed.

Lena was able to recognize tons of familiar faces on the line, like Willow Van Burden, Trina's sister; or Liza Lincoln, a girl who lived in the same village as her and often accompanied Lena to the river to wash their families' clothes together.

She recognized many of the people in the crowd, waiting anxiously to see who the Prince would choose that year. There was Trina, hugging her father; Mr. Olsen, a wealthy man who always bought cheese from Lena's family's market stand, and a whole crowd of people, waiting. Lena could see on their faces the worry that the Prince would choose their daughter, friend, sister. Those were some of the people who loved these girls. And if they got picked, it will most likely be the last time they ever saw them.

Lena felt empty inside as she saw the faces of everyone in the crowd. She knew how it felt to lose someone you care so deeply about, and she felt for these people.

Suddenly someone grabbed Lena's arm. She gasped and tried to free herself, but the hand wouldn't let go of her. She looked up; it was one of the guards. He dragged Lena into the front row, right in the middle, and she began to feel her heart thumping in her chest, beating faster by the second.

She was on the front row. The Prince's Infamous Front Row. Prince Harry didn't often bother to go further than the front row. The most beautiful women were placed in the front row so that the Prince could get a good look of each of them.

Lena was alongside the most beautiful High-Class ladies and daughters of influential people she has ever seen. Girls with beautiful and expensive designer dresses Lena would never even think of being able to afford. Girls who didn't have to wake up every morning at 5 a.m. to harvest the crops that her family grew so that they were fresh to sell at the market, girls who didn't have to work their arses off every day, everything had been just given to them. She was the only peasant on the row. Usually, the Prince didn't even bother to check out filthy peasants like her, maybe that would keep her safe.

Out of nowhere, the bell in the Town Square started ringing, and everyone bowed as two majestic carriages arrived just meters in front of Lena. The gold-encrusted white carriages that were being drawn by white horses. They took Lena's breath away. The coachman opened the door of the first carriage, and the Prince stepped out.

Prince Harry was by far one of the most good-looking young man in all of royal history. He had his perfect brown hair slicked back and with little curls fighting their way out the sides. Lovely plump lips, magnificent smile, dreamy green eyes that penetrated deep into the soul, and the most charming demeanour.

He was elegantly dressed, with white finery that suited him perfectly, and he wore a crown on his head adorned with the most incredible jewels Lena has ever seen. She bowed immediately to the Prince. Prince Harry introduced himself, thanking everyone for attending the event, especially the lucky lady that he had the pleasure of taking to his palace.

The Prince slowly and confidently walked down the steps to the host of women waiting for him. He walked through the rows examining most of them, with a curious look. He had his brows furrowed and a frown on his forehead, showing no other emotion. He walked once again in front of the front row, carefully analyzing each girl.

Lena closed her eyes as the Prince walked by her, and she suddenly heard his footsteps cease. She slowly opened her eyes, just to see Prince Harry looking her over. He scanned her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

The Prince caressed Lena's hair and face, looking directly into her eyes and smiling.

"What's your name, darling?" He asked softly; his tone doing little to make him less intimidating.


"I'll take her." He smirked, while Lena gasped and the guards grabbed her, holding her tight so that she wouldn't slip free. In the back of the shocked crowd, Amelie shrieked, and Mrs. Marrow fell to her knees, sobbing in shock.

The guards shoved Lena into the second carriage, and locked her in, as she screamed and unsuccessfully tried to open the carriage's door. She gave up after a while and hugged her knees to her chest, sobbing quietly as the carriage entered the grounds of the castle.

The door to the carriage suddenly opened, and a frightened Lena stepped out. She was standing in front of the massive doors that led to the inside of the Prince's home, which slowly opened just for her, inviting her in. She stepped inside cautiously.

The castle was just as gorgeous and breathtaking from the inside as it was from the outside. She saw a large diamond chandelier hanging from the ceiling, fancy furniture and an enormous marble staircase that led to the second floor. But it seemed empty.

"Hello?" She called, her echo bouncing from every wall back to her. "Hello?" She called louder this time. But no one answered.

She kept wandering through the lobby, watching every painting, there were breathtaking portraits of former Kings, Harry's parents, who mysteriously disappeared. Rumor again had it that Harry murdered them. She stopped to gaze at the biggest painting, a portrait of Prince Harry himself.

Lena was suddenly interrupted by someone entering the room. She turned around and saw a little chubby smiling lady with a maid dress.

"Hello, darling." The woman smiled. "My name is Betty. I'm Prince Harry's housemaid. You are?"

"Lena" she replied, taking Betty's delicate hand and shaking it.

"My pleasure, love. So you are the lucky girl the Prince chose, huh?" Lena nodded. "Don't be scared. I'm here to fulfill all your wants. I'll take you to your room now. You have an hour to get ready. The Prince will have dinner with you in the dining room." As Betty talked, she led Lena upstairs, through long hallways and finally stopped in front of a big door. "Here we are," she opened the door to reveal a huge bedroom with a big and what looked to be a comfortable king-sized bed.

"You'll find clothing in the closet. Call me if you want anything, don't hesitate, okay? Tomorrow someone will give you a tour around the castle" Betty smiled and left Lena alone to get ready for her dinner with the Prince.

Lena sat on the bed, speechless, and began to sob quietly. She laid down and cried into her pillow, finally releasing all the tears that had been mounting since Prince Harry stopped in front of her.

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