Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


4. You Never Change

~I flickered my eyes open as the sunlight rushed into the room. I sat up with a sheering pain rushing to my head. I groaned as I stumbled to my feet. As I looked around I realized I wasn't at home, I wasn't in my room. I stumbled to the door but as I passed a mirror I realized I wasn't even in my clothes. Panic started taking over my body as I rushed out of the room. As I ran down the hallway I ran into Wesley. My body started relaxing when I realized I wasn't at some stranger's house.
"Are you okay?" He asked helping me back to my feet.
"Where's my clothes?" I asked ignoring his question.
"In the dryer, you threw up on them last night." He explained.
"Where's Julie?"
"Down the hall with the others. She seems to be handling her hangover quite nicely. How are you handling yours?" He smirked.
"I'm fine besides this pounding headache…" I muttered holding my head.
"Well lets go get your clothes and then join the others." He said and I nodded as I followed him to the dryer. As we walked down the hall I looked at all the pictures we were passing. Almost all of them had Drew in them, with Wesley. Drew…That's right he's dating Shania now… "Here we are." Wesley stepped aside pointing at the dryer. I gave him a weird look before walking in. "For a laundry room this is a big room…" I mumbled. He didn't say anything. He just leaned against the doorway staring at me. It was starting to make me paranoid. So I grabbed my clothes out of the dryer and turned back towards him. "Bathroom please…" I mumbled. He nodded and lead me to the large bathroom which Julie and I had been to yesterday. I closed the door behind me and let out a long sigh. After I changed into my own clothes I opened the door to see Wesley staring out the window. "Are you okay Wesley?" I asked walking up beside him. "Hm?" He turned to look at me. "Yeah I am fine, the real question is, are you?"
"Yes I am." I smiled softly at him. "Here let me take those from you, and lets head over to the others." He said taking the pajamas from last night from me. The laughter from the living room echoed into the halls causing me to smile, remembering last night. "Mandy!" Julie jumped up with delight walking towards me. "Did you sleep well?" Keaton asked. "How are you feeling now is a better question." Spencer teased. "I'm fine." I laughed nervously as I rubbed the back of my head which still hurt a bit.
"Are you ready to go home?" Julie asked. "I guess so." I mumbled. "Might as well see what kind of hell went on last night." She nodded and we headed out to our car. Which as we got closer we noticed had four slashed tires. I fell to my knees in defeat, there was no doubt in my mind on who did this. The only question that rang in my mind was how did she have time to do this, and not be seen by Drew? "Here let me give you ladies a ride home." Spence insisted and we both nodded. "I'll fix your tires then bring you the car back later." Wesley assured us, again we nodded. Maybe we were just both at a lose for words, or maybe both of us had too much on our minds. Either way the car ride back to the house was pretty much the same as the one here. At least I thought so, until a car running a red light slammed into our side causing us to swerve right into a tree. Besides my head hitting the dashboard I was fine, but as I looked over at Spencer I realized I couldn't say the same about him. His head rested against the steering wheel as blood streamed down his face. "Julie are you okay?" I shouted nervously. "Y-yeah.." She mumbled. "What about Spencer?" "He's going to be fine!" I said as I grabbed my phone and called 911.

I stared at my feet nervously as I sat on the edge of the hospital bed. I felt perfectly fine, I was more worried about Spencer than myself. I looked up as the door swung open. A petite nurse with blonde hair came inside. She had a soft smile on her face. "Am I able to leave?" I asked. "Yes." She nodded. "The doctors said you have a small concussion but will be fine, just be careful. Your friends are both fine, if that's what is worrying you." "Thank you…" I smiled softly. After she gave me my papers I hurried out of the room to find Spencer and Julie. Spencer was leaning on a crutch, with his right arm up in a sling. "How is it I had the most damage but you took the longest?" He teased. "She was probably giving them a hard time." Julie joked. She was actually right though, when we got here I quickly started to resist everything they wanted to do. I tried to demand that they let me go se the others but they refused. I followed them out to the parking lot to see Wesley leaning against my jeep. I smiled and ran over to it looking it up and down. "You sure are a lot of trouble." He teased handing me my keys. "I know." I smiled. He turned to walk to the car next to my jeep, it was his with Keaton sitting in the back on his phone doing something. Julie hugged Spencer goodbye and jumped into the passenger seat of the jeep. "Wesley!" I said grabbing his wrist. "Yes?" He turned around to look at me. I didn't say a word, instead I wrapped my arms around him, engulfing him into a hug. It took him a minute before he returned the hug but when he did it was warm and tight. "Thank you." I said as I pulled away from him. I started to walk to my door but stopped to turn around once more. I looked back at him with a smirk on my lips. "You may not be a Romeo, but you aren't half bad." He chuckled before climbing into his car. The drive home was pretty much us talking about that crash, and what kind of an idiot would run a red light like that. When we got home the talk stopped when we noticed a car parked outside that wasn't ours. As I opened the door my ears were engulfed with the noise of people fighting. I turned the corner to see pretty much everyone in the living room yelling at each other. "What the hell?" I muttered under my breath. "Mandy!" Hailey jumped up out of her seat and ran over to me. That's when she noticed the bruises and the cuts. "What happened?!"
"We were in a crash." Julie said. "What?!" They all gasped. "When?" Paige asked. "A few hours ago, compared to Spencer we came out unharmed." I explained. "What happened?!" Kelsey asked. "Some jerk ran a red light running into us." Julie said as she crossed her arms. "That's awful!" Hailey looked at me with her worried eyes. "We're all fine." I reassured her.

When I got to the room I fell backwards onto my bed letting out a long over do sigh. That's when I felt the sharp sting coming from my lip and nose. I walked over to the mirror and noticed that both were very swollen, probably from the impact of the crash. I gently removed them and stared at my reflection. "I think it's time to get your hair redone." I turned around to see Julie walking up to me. "You think?" I chuckled. "Lets go do that!" Hailey said rushing into the room. "Do what?" Kelsey asked popping her head in.
"Go get our hair done." Julie smiled. "That sounds fun!" Paige said walking up. We all agreed that it would be nice to get out of the house, and since Shania was already gone there wouldn't be any drama. When we got to the salon it was pretty dead, which worked out in our favor because there were five of us. I got my hair lightened, a hell of a lot. Julie did a huge flip getting it dyed black. The others kept it safe, just getting theirs trimmed and highlighted.  "Holy shit!" I turned my head to see the others staring at me. "It's like you're a completely different person!" Julie said walking in circles around me. "I think you look best without the piercings in your face." Paige smiled at me. "Yeah yeah." I stuck my tongue out at them all before turning and walking out of the salon. The sun beamed down brightly for it being eight. As we got to the jeep a car ran into the parking lot nearly hitting Julie. She quickly hurried into the jeep before she did get hit. The car parked next to us and Shania jumped out with a smile on her face. "What the fuck Shania you almost hit Julie!" Hailey growled. "I wasn't going to hit her calm your tits." She rolled her eyes. "How did you even know where we were gonna be?" Kelsey asked. "I didn't." She shrugged. "I just was driving by and I saw you guys. Anyways, there's a party tonight I was thinking about crashing it. Who's in?" "Is that an offer for all of us?" Kelsey narrowed her eyes. "Yes of course we're all friends, aren't we?" She questioned everyone but stared directly at me, as if just waiting for me to say hell no we ain't friends. Which I truly did want to scream but knew it was best to keep my mouth shut. "Yes of course." Paige perked up nodding. "Good now lets go get ready!" She smiled. "Paige ride with me, I need to talk to you." Paige looked back at us with a nervous look before turning back to Shania nodding. After they left we all sat there for a minute wondering what that was all about. "Should we go to this party?" Kelsey spoke up.
"I think we should." Hailey said staring at her phone. "That guy is gonna be there isn't he?" I smirked causing her to blush. "Y-yes…" She blushed staring at her phone. "Then I guess it's settled we're going to a party tonight." I laughed. "Two nights in a row, gee I don't know how much I can keep up with you." Julie teased causing us to laugh. The next few hours went by pretty fast as everyone wondered the house getting ready. I decided to kill some time and take a stroll through the garden. The roses were beginning to open up, which means it was just about to become even more beautiful. "Wow." I turned my head to see Justin coming into the garden. "What?" I questioned stepping away from the roses. "Beautiful…" He huffed out. "I agree they truly are." I smiled turning towards the roses again. "No." He shook his head laughing. "You goof, you're beautiful." I blushed taken back by his words and unable to come up with a response. That's when I heard the girls yelling out front. As I walked towards the front Justin followed me quietly. When I turned the corner I saw Julie sitting on the porch close near tears, and the car with the others speeding out of the drive. I knew this was too good to be true. I rushed over to Julie's side. "What happened?" I asked sitting down next to her. "She let everyone else in first, and as I was about to get in she stopped me." She looked at me with such sad eyes. "She said go get Mandy, and as I turned to go get you she yelled 'As if I would ever invite you to go with me slut.' Then she slammed the door shut and the car sped off." "What a bitch!" Justin said sitting down on the other side of her. "Yeah…" I muttered staring at the end of the driveway.                                        Shania: As I pulled away from the salon I turned the music down. Paige was playing with her phone nervously, which means that something was bothering her and I needed to make sure she was still more my friend than Mandy's. "So I have this place that if Mandy tries to decide that we can't stay there anymore we can go there and stay here in Cali." I explained. "Why can't we just get along…" She mumbled. "Because she thinks she can run everything, she needs to learn that everything isn't her way or the highway. Specially letting that little bitch Julienne stay with us during our vacation!" I growled. "But you went behind her back and started talking to Drew instead of just telling her how you felt. You know Mandy would have backed off and aloud you to talk to him. Now you guys are dating and you still won't even tell her…" She muttered. "Because she won't understand. She never understands how other people feel." I shook my head. She doesn't even care how others feel, not even back then did she care. All she cares about is herself. Paige didn't say anything else on the car ride home, not even when I mentioned that I wasn't about to let Julie come to the party with us, even if it meant that Mandy wasn't coming either. She just stared out the window at the trees that we passed. I stood by the limo door letting the girls go in before me. After Kelsey climbed in Julie was about to get in. That's when I stepped in front of her with a grin on my face. "Go get Mandy." I said smirking. "Okay." She smiled at me. God she is so naïve. As she started walking away I put one foot in the limo smiling the whole time. "As if i would ever let a slut like you come to a party with me. Get lost bitch." I laughed as I slammed the door shut. "Lets go!"
The driver pulled out of the house quickly just like I had told him before the girls came outside to do. The others looked at me with rage filling their eyes, except Paige, her eyes filled with sadness. "What the hell?!" Kelsey yelled. "What the fuck was that about?!" Hailey growled. "Listen, Mandy has made her decision on who she wants to be friends with, and it's none of us. She could have invited any of us to that party that she went to last night but she didn't! Instead she invited that little bitch to go! So now they can sit at home bored just like we were last night. We can have fun and not have to worry about anyone trying to control us!" I tried to explain. "You're so pathetic." Hailey crossed her arms, and as soon as we arrived at the party she pushed past me opening the door. She looked back at me and flicked me off before grabbing Kelsey's hand. They separated from us rather quickly. I turned my head back at Paige who was still sitting in the car nervously. "Paige everything is gonna be fine." I reassured her as I pulled her out of the limo and towards the party. This is what she deserves, that's all I could think.

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