Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


2. Summer Nights

~A week has passed since the beginning of the summer block party. I went to lunch with Drew the day after, but haven't really heard from him since then. I keep hearing Shania in her bedroom talking to Paige about it. She keeps saying that if she was him she wouldn't call either because I am such bad company.
"Mandy?" My thoughts broke as I turned my head to see Justin standing over me. I was laying down in the garden staring up at the clouds that were passing by.
"Sorry I zoned out." I chuckled sitting up.
"You looked worried is everything okay?" He asked taking a seat next to me.
"Yeah I am fine actually." I lied.
"I sense you are actually lying to me." He frowned.
"It's because she is." We turned out heads to see Kelsey locked arms with Hailey.
"How can you tell?" He questioned her.
"Simple she's outside laying on the ground in an area that could easily hide her. She's trying to get things out of her mind while trying to not to let anyone else in." Hailey said.
"Well gee guys thanks for telling him all of me secrets." I sassed.
"Hey we didn't tell him all of them." Hailey sassed back.
"I mean we could if you want." Kelsey winked at me.
"I am leaving." I blushed and jumped up.
"Hey wait!" Justin jumped up and ran after me.
"What?" I turned my head and looked at him slightly annoyed.
"What's bothering you so much?" He looked at me worriedly.
"Nothing…" I muttered.
"Well when you're ready to talk to me call me." He pulled me into his strong embrace and his cologne filled my nose. It almost smelt like roses. As he let go I felt longing for him to hold on. I didn't want him to let go and I couldn't explain why I felt like this. Maybe for once I was losing my strength. The strength which I held onto for years to get me through all the pain and anguish I was drugged through. I stepped back as the last of his embrace let go.
"Juliet!" I turned my head to see Wesley grinning like a monkey.
"What do you want you wannabe Romeo?" I sassed.
"Ouch." He threw his hands over his heart like I actually hurt his feelings. I just rolled my eyes before laughing a bit. He smiled that cool guy smile before coming closer to me.

Shania's POV:

Seriously?! Another guy is swooning at her damn feet? You gotta be kidding me. What's so freaking special about her anyways. I stormed away from the window and fell back onto my bed. She always has all these guys wrapped around her little finger it's so freaking annoying, doesn't she care that they are other females in this house that would like to have a chance with a guy?! Okay so maybe telling Drew that she said the date was awful, wasn't the best way to try to get a chance but it worked. Now he's texting me during the day and night.
"Niaaaa!" I lifted my head up to see Paige opening the door and coming into my bedroom.
"Yes?" I questioned.
"These were delivered with your name on them." She smiled softly at me. She knows that Drew is now talking to me but hasn't really cared to ask why his sudden interest changed. Which is why she is my best friend.
"He's so cute." I swooned.
"Is that Wesley outside with Mandy?" She asked standing by the window staring out at the garden below.
"I believe so." I shrugged starring back at the flowers.
"Can't she just pick one guy?" She sighed which actually surprised me.
"I was just thinking the same thing actually.." I mumbled.
"All these guys think she's so special yet she can't seem to just pick one of them to talk to." She groaned.
"I know!!!" I gasped. Just as she was about to say something we heard screaming coming from downstairs. We looked at each other for a second before we hurried down the stairs. When we got into the living room we saw a girl with what seemed to be white hair. She turned around and I noticed her silverish green eyes, and pierced lip. I've never met this girl a day in my life, who the hell is she and why is she here.
"Who the hell are you." She growled crossing her arms.
"Excuse me?!" Paige gasped.
"Why are you in my beloved family home?!"
"Are you Julienne?" We turned our heads to see Mandy walking in.
"Are you Madeline?" She said with a soft smile on her face. Seriously? Even this chick is wrapped around her finger.. You gotta be kidding me..
"Mandy.." She chuckled a bit.
"I'm terribly sorry." She bowed.
"No no it's fine."
"I was rude to your friends.."
"Eh." She looked at me with coldness lingering in those blue eyes of hers. "Come I'll walk you to the last room that is available." Julienne nodded and followed Mandy up the stairs to the last room that was open, which luckily for me was on their side.
"I already don't like this chick." Paige groaned.
"Well it's a good thing you don't need to like her." Hailey said behind us scaring us.
"Why don't you stay out of other people's conversation?" Paige snipped.
"How about you stop talking about someone you don't know." Hailey smiled sassily at her.
"Why is there a stranger staying with us anyway?" I groaned.
"Because her grandparents actually own this house, well did before they passed away." Kelsey said walking up next to Hailey.
"Okay and?" Paige crossed her arms.
"And this is her home before it is ours." Mandy said walking down the stairs. "If you show her one ounce of disrespect you can get in that car and go back to Indiana."
"Excuse you?!" I gasped. "She's the one who was disrespecting us!"
"Again I will repeat what I just said, if you shed on ounce of disrespect you can see yourself out of that door and don't bother coming back." Her eyes narrowed as she looked at me as if she was really only truly talking to me.
"We got it." Paige sighed.

Kelsey's POV:
Finally Mandy is standing ground. After the whole argument I decided that I was gonna go for a long deserved walk on the beach which wasn't too far from the house. As much as I love the girls, uh well some of them, it gets a bit too stressful being around them all the time. Feeling the sand between my toes felt real nice, and really relaxing. That was until I felt something smack against the back of my head and I fell to the ground.
"I'm terribly sorry!" I looked up rubbing my head. His green eyes sparkled as water bounced off his long curls.
"It's fine I have a big head so it's not surprising that you hit me." I joked.
"I've seen bigger." He chuckled.
"Thanks I think…"
"I'm Harry." He smiled offering his hand to help me up.
"I'm Kelsey.." I mumbled taking his hand and pulling myself up.
"Why are you out here alone?"
"Just needed some fresh air away from the craziness at home." I explained. "My friend thought it would be a good idea to come here for the summer."
"Do you not agree?" He questioned as we started walking.
"Not with some of the people she let come with us. Some of them aren't who they say they are. They don't deserve her kindness." I sighed.
"Is she just too blind to see it?" He asked.
"Yes very much so and I hate it. She does so much for everyone but yet nothing is done for her, to help the anguish she suffers."
"Then why don't you take charge and kick those fakes out?"
"Because then I'll be the bad guy."
"Isn't it better to be a bad guy for the right reasons then a good guy for all the bad reasons?"
For once a complete stranger made complete sense to me. I stopped in my tracks and stared at him. Who the hell was this guy? He turned and looked at me with his bright green eyes. A smile appeared on his lips which made my heart race, which I can say this now it never happens.
"Harry!" I turned my head to see a blonde fellow running towards us. I seen him before, or at least he looked very familiar.
"Yes Niall?" He smiled.
"Hey haven't I seen you before?" He turned to me and asked.
"I was just thinking the same thing…" I muttered.
"Are you friends with Paige and Shania?" He asked.
"Housemates yes."
"Then I saw you block party."
"Are you guys forgetting about the game we were playing?" Another guy asked walking up to us.
"Chill Lou." Harry chuckled.
"Don't keep getting distracted specially over some chick."
"Excuse me?!" I snapped. "Some chick??! This chick has name!"
"Do I look like I really care?" He said like a smartass.
"Kelsey?" I turned my head to see Mandy on the hill staring down at me.
"Yeah?" I answered fighting the urge to strangle this Lou guy.
"I was worried about you, just wanted to make sure you were okay. You are okay right?" She asked.
"Yes just some guys are being assholes." I said bluntly looking straight at Lou.
"Is there a reason why you sir are being an ass to my friend?" She asked walking down to us.
"Uh.." He stuttered.
"Uh oh Lou you're in trouble." Niall laughed.
"Guys?!" We turned our heads to see two other guys.
"Coming Zayn!" Harry said.
"Would you ladies like to join our game?" Niall asked.
"No way!" Lou protested.
"Sounds like fun." I smirked. "As long as I am on the opposite teams of that guy!"
"Deal!" Harry laughed.
"You're going down pretty boy." Mandy teased as we walked towards the others.

Mandy's POV:
I fell back onto my bed as I sighed. My wet hair touched my shoulders cooling them down. I can't believe we just spent the last two hours playing beach volleyball with five strangers. A faint knock on my bedroom door made me sit up and as it opened Hailey walked in smiling ear to ear.
"What's up?" I questioned as she sat down next to me.
"Nothing? Can't I just be happy?" She giggled.
"I guess." I shrugged.
"Why is your face so red?"
"Kelsey and I were playing beach volleyball, guess I worked up a sweat."
"Oh my god Amanda you exercised?!" She teased.
"First off it's not Amanda." I glared. "Second it's not that surprising!"
"Is so." She giggled.
"Is there something you needed?"
"I have a date tonight and was wondering if you could help me pick an outfit." She smiled.
"What kind of date is it?"
"A concert date." She beamed.
"Go with your ripped jeans and your black top with the ripples in the back."
"Okay!" She hugged me before running out of the bedroom.
After an hour passed I finally pushed myself out of my bedroom and headed down the stairs. That's when I heard someone knocking at the door. When I opened it I saw a guy with bright red hair.
"Hello." He smiled at me.
"Hailey's date?" I questioned and he nodded. "Come on in." I stepped aside and allowed him inside. He looked around the house with amusement in his eyes.
"Who's this?" Shania asked walking down the stairs.
"None of your business." I stated.
"Rude." She rolled her eyes.
"Michael!" I turned my head to see Hailey running down the stairs with a giant smile glued to her lips. When she got to the bottom of the stairs he welcomed her with a warm hug. "I'll be back late so don't wait up." She teased as they headed out the door.
"Should she be going out with a guy that we don't know?" She muttered.
"We aren't her parents, she is grown to make her own choices." I said walking to the kitchen.
"So you aren't in the least bit worried?"
"No, because she can take care of herself." I opened up the fridge and as I was about to grab my Dr.Pepper I noticed that it was gone. "Now what I am concerned about is that there are people in this damn house who have no respect in my shit." I grabbed the empty bottle and threw it towards her hitting the wall right next to her. She looked at me freaked out before hurrying up the stairs.
"Angry much?" I turned my head to see Julienne standing there.
"Sorry." I apologized.
"Don't be, my brothers do the same thing to me back home." She smiled softly.
"It's annoying because they throw a fit if I even think about taking a drink of their crap." I sighed.
"It seems like a certain one takes more than just drinks in this house though."
"What do you mean?"
"I heard a male's voice coming from loud mouth's bedroom." She explained. "The door was cracked open so I peeped through and saw a guy, your friend Kelsey was behind me and explained to me that he was actually a friend of yours, or was."
"What?" My heart dropped and it felt like someone had their hands around my throat choking me. Just as I was about to say something else I heard someone knock at the front door. I struggled to move my feet towards that direction but when I opened the door relief took over.
"Justin…" I mumbled.
"I had to come see if you were feeling better." He smiled as he walked into the house.
"Who's this?" Julienne asked walking over to us.
"This is Justin." I said nervously.
"Nice to meet you Justin I am Julienne." She smiled at him before heading up the stairs. "Stay away from the girl with the big mouth, she talks a lot of shit that isn't true."
"She's a character." Justin chuckled.
"Yeah.. She certainly is.." I muttered.
"I was wondering if you would like to come over tomorrow night, my cousin has been asking about you a lot and really wants you to come have dinner." He explained.
"I'd love to." I smiled at him.
"Great!" He grinned. "I'll come over around seven?"
"Sounds good to me."
"Then I'll see you then." He smiled before leaving.
"Pathetic." I turned to see Shania at the top of the stairs.
"Can't you just stop leading every guy you meet on? It's truly pathetic." She snickered. "No wonder Drew stopped talking to you."
"What's pathetic is that you have the nerve to say that knowing that you fed the boy some bullshit lie and now he's suddenly talking to you." Julienne said.
"How about you mind your own business, plus it's not my fault he realized I was a better woman than Mandy will ever be." She snickered.
I hurried out of the front door in anger. I knew that if I were to stay there I would say something that I would soon regret so I had to leave. It was for the best. I walked to trail down to the beach, the moon reflected off the ocean waves causing the most beautiful glimmer of light I had ever seen before.
"You know it's not good to be out here this late." I turned my head to see James.
"Just needed some fresh air." I said softly.
"I understand but a girl as beautiful as you shouldn't be walking around this area so late at night, there are creeps who crawl around here."
"Are you one of these creeps?"
"No no I promise I am not." He chuckled.
"Well that's good to know." I giggled.
"So what's on your mind that you came out here to think?" He asked as we started walking the shore line.
"I'm not sure how to really explain it…"
"Well when you do figure it out I am here to listen." He smiled softly at me.
"But why I am just a stranger.." I muttered.
"Because everyone needs someone that will listen to their worries."

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