Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


6. Pocketful Of Sunshine

~"Take me away, to a secret place, to better days." I mumbled to myself as I stared at the pancakes in front of me. I took maybe a bite or two before just staring at it. I wasn't really hungry, and I don't even know why.
"There's no such place." I turned my head to see Drew walking into the kitchen only wearing sweats. My eyes wandered to the scars from where the thorns dug into his skin at the beginning of this vacation, nearly a month ago.
"Yeah there is." I said shaking my head.
"Where is this so called place then?" His curiosity enlightened me.
"The place where the water kisses the shore, where the sun kisses the earth, the place where the world for once is silent." I explained.
"Where does one find such a place?" He sat down next to me drinking some coffee.
"When one closes their eyes and lets go of all the pain that surrounds them." I said taking a bite of my pancakes.
"So pretty much when we are sleeping?" He chuckled.
"Yes exactly." I smiled.
"Oh good morning." Julie said with her eyes widened staring at us intensely.
"Good morning Julienne." He smiled at her before leaving the kitchen with his cup of coffee. We both watched him go into the living room before turning to each other. "I didn't expect to see you two talking."
"I didn't expect him to talk to me either." I said taking another bite of pancake.
"Maybe it's because miss devil isn't awake." She teased.
"Possibly." I laughed.
That's when we heard someone knocking at the front door, puzzled I looked at Julie who just shrugged. We both went to the front door to see Shania standing there only in her nightgown opening the front door. No one was there, just a vase full of bright blue flowers, and a small box in front of it with a note attached. She bent down picking up the flowers and box.
"To the beautiful lady of the house." She read of smiling.
"Clearly those aren't for you." Julie rolled her eyes snatching the flowers and box away from her.
"What?!" Shania growled.
"Your boyfriend is in the living room, why would he send you flowers being just in the other room. Think logical Shania." I stated looking at the roses.
"She's right babe, I didn't send those." Drew said leaning against the door frame staring at us. Shania sighed walking up the stairs pouting.
"Does the note say anything else?" I asked grabbing the vase.
"Nope that was all." She frowned.
"How are we suppose to figure out who its for then?" I sighed.
"Lady of the house." Drew said walking up to us.
"What?" We both looked at him puzzled.
"It said to the beautiful lady of the house, and technically that narrows it down to you two." He explained. "Because this is your family home Julienne, and Mandy you're the one paying for it this summer. The other ladies are just guests of the house, not the lady of the house."
I looked at Julie who still looked puzzled but looked at me. My eyes locked with the little box in her hand.
"What's inside the box?" I asked.
"Oh!" She looked down almost forgetting it was even in her hands. She opened the small box to reveal a necklace with bright blue gems. "Oh my gosh!"
"That's so beautiful!" I gasped.
"No other note?" Drew asked staring at the box. Unable to take her eyes off the necklace, Julie handed me the box.
"Nope nothing." I said walking into the kitchen with the flowers.
"Maybe whoever it was meant both of you." He stated walking in behind me.
"How do you figure?" I questioned.
"Because you both seem to be pleased with one of the gifts more than the other." He explained pointing at the blue roses that I was staring at.
"Now I am real curious on who this weirdo is." I laughed.
"Knock knock." I turned my head to see James walking into the house with one of the guys he was with the first night I met him.
"Long time stranger." I teased.
"I could say the same." He smiled at me.
"Who's your friend?" Julie asked walking up to us with the necklace around her neck now.
"This is Tristan ladies." James smiled at her.
"Hello." Tristan smiled at us.
"How do you know them?" Drew asked walking up to us with his arms crossed.
"I met James the first night here." I answered.
"Mandy met like everyone that first night here." Hailey teased walking down the stairs holding Michael's hand. She had his necklace on around her neck, and around his were a bunch of hickeys.
"Hey sweetie can you come here?" Shania called from the top of the stairs.
"The devil awaits." Julie whispered to me. I don't think Drew heard her because he smiled at us and walked upstairs to Shania who greeted him with a kiss while giving me the death glare. I shrugged and looked back at the guys who were giving me a weird look.
"What?" I questioned.
"I just realized you don't have your piercings in, and your hair is different." James said stepping near me and grabbing a handful of hair in his hand.
"Wow aren't you clever." Julie teased causing Tristan to laugh and James to frown.
"Give him a break." I smiled softly at James. "He hasn't seen us in a couple of weeks."
"Hey have you guys seen Paige?" Kelsey came walking down the stairs in a tank top and shorts.
"Not since last night.." Julie muttered.
"I'm worried about her." Kelsey frowned.

Paige's POV:

The morning sun beamed in through the window causing me to squirm. I rolled over just to see a sleeping face, I jolted back a bit as I sat up. I looked around and realized that I wasn't home, I didn't actually know where I was.
"Morning beautiful…" I turned my head to the sound of Keaton's sleepy voice. He sat up as he ran his hand through his hair.
"What happened…" I muttered staring down at my lap.
"You were real upset so we came back here, and started drinking." He explained.
"Did we…" I coughed awkwardly.
"No we did not have sex." He chuckled. "I would never take advantage of you like that."
I smiled softly at him as he ran his hand through my hair. That moment seemed to end quickly as we heard a loud slamming sound. He jumped out of bed and held out his hand helping me out of bed. I followed closely behind him as we left the room towards the living room. Spencer sat on the couch, with his leg up on the pillows, flipping through the channels. When he saw me his eyes widened rather quickly. I blushed slightly and looked down at the ground, that's when I noticed my hand was still entangled with Keaton's.
"What was that loud sound?" Keaton asked.
"Wes got a text, got pissed and left." Spencer explained smiling at us.
"What would piss him off?" I questioned.
"Maybe the fact that your vacation house is on TV…" Spencer muttered staring at the TV with his mouth open. I turned my head slightly to see that the house was in flames.
"What…" I fell to my knees as my heart sank deep into my chest. The tears started falling out of my eyes like a waterfall.

"No word on how the fire started, but thankfully the fire didn't take any victims. The four females, and one male are being treated for burns, and too much smoke intake but they all seem to be fine." The news lady said causing my heart to rest.

"Wait aren't there six of you?" Keaton looked at me.
"Yeah there is…" I muttered.
"So who wasn't there?" Spencer muttered.
"Lets get to the hospital and find out!" I pleaded. They both nodded and we quickly made our way to the hospital to see who wasn't accounted for. When we got there, news crews surrounded the entrance, so we had to find another way inside. It took us about twenty minutes to finally get inside.
"Hello how can I help you?" The nurse at the desk asked.
"I'm friends with the girls in that house fire.." I muttered.
"Which one would you like to see?" She asked softly.
"Can you tell me who all came in? There's actually six of us but on the news they said only four were brought in…" I muttered.
"Paige!" I turned my head to see Kelsey walking out from the back, her wrist was wrapped up and she had some bruises on her face. She engulfed me in a tight hug, which I quickly returned.
"Who else is here?" I asked pulling away.
"Mandy, Julie, Hailey, and Michael." Kelsey frowned looking at me. "When they said there wasn't anyone else inside I was worried about you!"
"Me? But where's Shania?" I frowned.
"She left this morning right before the fire broke out." Hailey said walking out with Michael holding his hand.
"If she's your friend why isn't she here right now?" Spencer frowned.
"Because she didn't like the fact that Drew and Mandy were actually getting along, having a civil conversation. I guess she plans on staying with him."
"Oh!" Spencer, Keaton, and I said together piecing the puzzle together on why Wesley was pissed off.
"Hey is my brother here by any chance?" Keaton quickly asked.
"I have no clue, they had us all in different rooms." Kelsey answered.
"I know who I want to go see." I turned back to the nurse who smiled softly at me. She gave me a pass and I quickly made my way through the halls rushing to her room. When I finally got to hers I opened up the door to see Wesley sitting in a chair staring down at her while she slept. Something didn't seem right though, as I got closer I realized she wasn't just sleeping.
"What's going on…" I muttered.
"She hasn't woken up since they brought her in here…" Wesley said softly.
"What does that mean…" I felt the tears slipping out of my eyes.

"She's in a coma…" He sighed.

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