Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


7. Back To Better Days

~Mandy's POV:

*Beep Beep*

Why does everything seem so dark? Am I asleep? If I am then why is everything so dark..

"Juliet." I turned my head to see Wesley sitting at the pier staring off at the ocean. He was alone, and he looked so sad. As I started walking closer to him I realized that he had been crying, as if something bad had happened.
"Romeo?" I called out but he didn't turn or move at all. My heart started racing as all the worst things were rushing through my mind. I quickened my step to get closer to him but he seemed to becoming farther and farther away. "Wesley?!" I cried out as I fell to my knees.

Paige's POV:

"Wesley!" I turned my head to see a panicked look on Mandy's face. I thought when someone was in a coma, they didn't respond at all. So why was she responding like this?
"And better yet, why is she calling out Wesley's name?" I smirked.
"Knock knock." I turned my head to see Hailey walking in with some roses. It's been three days since the fire broke out, Julie and Mandi are the only ones who are still in the hospital. Shania hasn't made any effort to come visit Mandy either, but behind her back Drew has been sending flowers.
"How's she doing?" Hailey asked.
"She's responding which is really weird." I said as I stared at Mandy sleeping.
"Respond like how?" Hailey asked as she sat down.
"Believe it or not she's cried out Wesley's name." I smirked as I turned my head to look at Hailey who had a shocked look on her face.
"Really?" She gasped looking at Mandy, I smiled as I nodded. Maybe she's finally gonna give her heart a break.
"I'm gonna go get some fresh air." I smiled softly and she nodded understandingly. I left the hospital and walked towards the town by the beach, the town we went to the first night here. The sun was shinning down pretty brightly, considering that my friend was in a coma. I found the jeep parked near the pier where I had left it this morning, for good reasons. I jumped into the driver's seat and headed towards Keaton's to tell him about Mandy responding.
When I pulled up to their house, I noticed the car that Shania rented was parked out front, I let out a soft groan as I walked up to the house. Before I even had to knock the door swung open to my surprise, Spencer's too.
"Sorry about that Paige." He chuckled as he hobbled around me.
"No it's okay." I smiled softly at him.
"Have fun with the craziness." He teased as he hobbled towards his car.
"Heading to the hospital to see Julie?" I teased causing him to blush without saying a word. I giggled as I walked inside the house, I noticed that they were out back so that's where I made my way to. Sadly Shania was back there with them.
"Hey boys." I smiled as I walked up to them.
"Hey Paige." They all smiled at me, yes even Drew.
I looked over and noticed Shania hadn't even moved a muscle from her sunbathing spot. I rolled my eyes and took a seat next to Keaton.
"How's the girls?" Keaton asked me.
"Well with how much Spencer visits Julie I'm sure you already know how she's doing." I giggled. "Kelsey and Hailey are doing okay."
"Would you like something to drink?" Wesley asked as he stood up.
"Sure." I smiled softly. He walked inside the house leaving me with Drew and Keaton.
"I'll be right back." Drew said quietly.
"So how's Mandy?" Keaton asked after Drew walked across the pool to Shania.
"She's responding." I mentioned as I watched Drew closely.
"That's great right!" He smiled at me.
"Wanna hear the best part?" I smirked as I turned back towards him.
"What's that?"
"She called out Wesley's name."
"What?!" He gasped.
"What are you guys talking about?" Wesley asked taking a seat after setting down the drink in front of me.
"Nothing." Keaton and I both said smiling.
I turned my head to see Shania walking over towards us with Drew, she was wrapped around him. She smiled at me as if nothing could possibly be wrong between us, like she didn't do anything wrong.
"I've been waiting for you to come see me, they must be getting on your nerves." She laughed.
"Actually, I didn't come to see you." I stated coldly causing her to stop laughing and to frown. "I came here to see Keaton, and the guys. Since you can't go see Mandy while she is in the hospital, I have no reason to speak to you or see you." I stood up getting right in her face. "Until you learn how to be a real friend, we're no longer friends."
I stormed out of the house and made my way back to the hospital. That was the first time that I actually took out my frustrations on her, but honestly I think she deserves it.

From Keats:
She's throwing a fit now lol She's trying to demand that you guys aren't to be aloud here anymore. Wesley told her to fuck off that it's his house and that he'll have whoever he pleases over. Even Drew told her she's just gonna have to suck it up.

Julie's POV:

I stared out the window letting out little groans of unhappiness. The fact that I hadn't been released yet really pissed me off, because I can walk fine, talk fine, I was basically fine. Well minus the internal damage that is. I turned my head at the sound of the door opening, I smiled softly when I noticed Spencer hobbling inside.
"Ready to bust out of here yet?" He teased.
"I was ready three days ago." I groaned causing him to chuckle.
"Have they found out what caused the fire?" He asked taking a seat next to me.
"They said someone started it, and I swear to god if I find out that it was her I will beat the living shit out of her." I groaned.
"She's been causing hell of a mess over at Wesley's." He shook his head.
"Has Mandy woken up yet?" I frowned.
"Sadly not yet." He sighed.
"Why couldn't it have been her instead of Mandy." I laid my head down on his shoulder.
"Bad things happen to good people." He sighed.
"Miss Valentine." I lifted my head to see a nurse walking in with a soft smile on her face.
"Yes?" I questioned.
"You're being released."
"Really?!" I jumped up happily causing Spencer to chuckle.

Mandy's POV:

"Wesley…" I cried into my knees as I sat on the pier alone and tired, so tired.
"Hey now why are you crying?" I lifted up my head to see Wesley smirking at me with that cheeky grin of his. Normally I would say something smart, or yell at him. This time I just jumped up and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me holding me in his strong embrace.
"Don't leave me." I whispered.
"Not even a chance." He whispered back before cuffing my face in his hands and kissing my lips softly.

Hey why are you letting this darkness over take you? Mandy this isn't you, it's time to wake up. Don't let them win, not like this. Wake up.

I flickered my eyes open, as an annoying beeping sound filled my ears. I turned my head to see Hailey asleep with her head beside me and her hand holding mine. I sat up slowly and let out a soft groan causing her to wake up from the movement.
"Mandy?" She muttered drowsily.
"What's going on?" I muttered.
"Hold on!" She jumped up running out of the room leaving me there confused. A few seconds later she came back in with a nurse, and shortly behind them were Julie and Spencer.
"Do you know who you are?" The nurse asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Do you know where you are?"
"Do you remember what happened?"
The nurse nodded and headed out of the room leaving me with the others who were all smiling happily.
"Why are you guys smiling like that?" I groaned.
"You've been in a coma state for the last three days." Julie explained.
"Oh no wonder I feel funny." I rubbed the back of my head.
"Do you remember anything from when you were out?" Hailey asked me reminding me of my weird dreams of Wesley causing me to blush a bit.
"No I don't why?" I lied.
"No reason." She frowned.
"Mandy!" I peered past them to see Paige with a happy look on her face. She pushed past them and engulfed me in a tight hug. I smiled as I returned the hug.

After a few hours of tests I was now sitting in the hospital room staring out the window. Paige and Hailey kept asking me if I was sure I didn't remember anything from when I was out, I mean of course I did but I wasn't going to tell them that. I mean, come on they would never let it go about me dreaming about Wesley. It was just a harmless dream, that meant nothing..
"Knock knock." I turned my head to see Keaton and Paige, I smiled softly at both of them.
"Already out of bed?" My chest tightened a bit as Wesley's smirking face came from behind them.
"I have been in bed for the last three days, I think I need to stretch my legs." I sassed, but I felt the little pressure on my chest start fluttering a bit. He smiled at me with that devil smile of his as he took a seat in the chair next to my bed.
"We saw the nurse before we got to your room, and she said that since everything looks okay that you should be able to go home tomorrow." Paige smiled brightly at me knowing that would make me happy.
"Good that means she'll be out in time for the cook out." Wesley smiled at me.
"Now why would I want to come to a cook out?" I sassed.
"Because I am hosting it."
I don't know why those words messed with me but they did, and I felt my face warm up. I quickly turned back towards the window hoping that no one noticed.
"We're gonna go check up on Kelsey, she's been wandering around all day and hasn't gotten a hold of me." Paige stated. "Wesley are you gonna join us?"
"Nah I think I am gonna stay here for a bit, bother her a little longer." He smirked causing me to shoot him a dirty look.
"Okay you two have fun." Keaton laughed.
The silence that came over the room when they left was very unbearable. I stared out of the window as the sun beamed down through the window.
"So how did it feel?" He finally asked breaking the silence.
"How did what feel?" I turned around not expecting him to be right behind me, so I jumped back a little.
"Being in the coma." He smirked at my response to him being so close.
"Horrid." I muttered.
"How so?" He frowned.
"Everything was black, silent, alone." I stared at my feet. "Things seemed to be close but never in reach."
"Like what?" He stepped closer to me in curiosity.
"Everyone." I looked up at him with a frown lining my face.
"Well I am glad you're awake, it was very lonely without having you to mess with." He chuckled.
"You could always just I dunno, try to be not obnoxious." I sassed causing him to laugh.
"But that isn't any fun." He chuckled.
"Well aren't y'all a lively bunch." I turned my head to see Michael and Hailey shutting the door behind them.
"A bunch?" I sassed.
"There's only two of us." Wesley smirked.
"Did we interrupt?" Hailey teased.
"N-" I began.
"Yes you did." Wesley smirked.
"Oh then maybe we should let them be Hailey." Michael teased.
"Maybe you're right." Hailey giggled.
"As if." I rolled my eyes playfully.
"It's okay, I'll get her tomorrow." Wesley teased causing my chest to start flutter again. What in the world is going on!?
"Oh yeah the cook out is tomorrow isn't it?" Spencer said breaking my thoughts.
"Yup!" Wesley smiled, for once it wasn't one of his cocky smiles either it was an actual smile.
"Drew is usually apart of these things, is he going to be there tomorrow?"
"Yeah he is, so sadly his girlfriend is going to be there too." Wesley frowned as he looked over at me. Everyone looked at me, and that's when I realized, it no longer fazed me. I didn't feel that pinching feeling in my chest any longer.
"Are you going to be okay with that?" Hailey finally asked breaking my train of thought.
"Yes I don't care, they were practically living together with us." I shrugged. They all looked at me with soft smiles glued to their faces.

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