Summer Paradise

"I never meant to fall in love with him! It just happened!" I screamed as tears ran down my cheeks. "He was there! When everything was falling apart! He was there! You don't get to come running back trying to be the hero! Not anymore!"


1. Brighter Days

~The sun beamed down hotter than the days before, or maybe it was just because we weren't in Indiana any longer. The trees were passing by so fast that it was hard to grasp the beauty. The radio was playing the same old crap it plays on a daily basis so I was tuning it out.
"Mandy." I turned my head to see Hailey staring straight at me.
"What?" I questioned.
"Why are you dozing off?"
"I am not dozing off, I am just thinking dork." I chuckled.
"About what? Kelsey asked turning around from the front seat.
"About a guy?" Paige gasped jokingly, knowing I haven't thought of a single guy since my last relationship which was two years ago.
"Is she asleep back there?" Kelsey asked about Shania who was in the seat behind Hailey and I laid out asleep.
"Yes she is." Hailey said staring at her.
"Dump water on her."
"Kels!" Paige scolded.
"I agree." I chuckled as Kelsey high-fived me.
"Rude as hell." Paige giggled.
"I think we're here!" Hailey said pointing at the house in front of us. It was huge with a huge yard, garden and pool.
"So how are we gonna decide who gets what room?" I asked.
"Simple first come first serve." Kelsey grinned.
As soon as Paige parked the car we all jumped out and ran inside.
"Wow." I gasped at the beauty. We all stood in the door way taking in the beauty of the inside. My eyes lined with the stairs that lead up to the second floor. Hailey grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me up the stairs while Kelsey and Paige wandered the first floor. It was clear that all the bed rooms were up here, all six of them. Three were on the right side with a bathroom.
"We're totally gonna have this side!" Hailey grinned pulling me into bedroom after bedroom. One was a light green color with gray curtains and bed sheets. I put my suitcase on the bed before she pulled me into another room. This one was a red color, with white curtains and bed sheets. She happily took it.
"No way." I turned my head to see Kelsey and Shania, oh great she's awake.
"What?" I questioned.
"She wants the room I already put my bags down in." Kelsey said.
"You guys should have woken me up!" Shania growled.
"It is not our fault you fell asleep." I shrugged.
"Can't you ever be polite?!" She groaned storming off towards the other side of the house.
"What does your room look like?" Hailey asked.
"Neon green with blue curtains and bed sheets." She smiled.
"Why did Shania want that room? It doesn't fit her personality at all."
Kelsey just shrugged and walked away towards her room. Hailey went to her bed and started unpacking so I decided to do the same thing. After my clothes were put away I walked over to the window and stared at the garden. That's when I noticed a very handsome guy staring at the roses. Without telling anyone else I made my way down the stairs out the back door to the garden. He was still there staring at them with a smile on his face. In his hand he had a basket with fruits in it.
"Beautiful aren't they?" I questioned startling him a bit.
"I'm sorry." He mumbled.
"No need." I smiled.
"I didn't think anyone lived here…"
"We don't, just staying here for the summer."
"What's your name? Or should I just refer to you as the rose man?" I joked.
"Justin." He smiled at me. "But rose man doesn't sound all that bad."
"Well Justin, or rose man." I giggled. "I'm Mandy."
"Nice to meet you Mandy. I hope to see you at the party tonight."
"Party? Where at?" I questioned.
"Downtown, you won't be able to miss it. A huge block party to kick off the summer." He smiled as he started to walk away.
"What time?"
"Starts at six."
I watched as he walked out of the garden and disappeared. Curious guy that man is. I walked back towards the house when I heard the sound of someone singing. I looked around but couldn't see anyone.
"Oh Juliet." I turned my head to see a guy in a bush of thorns. He had no shirt on so the thorns did some major damage on his chest, back and arms. I quickly helped him out of the bush as gentle as I could be. I brought him inside and had him wait in the kitchen while I ran up to the bathroom to find some first aid things. When I returned I saw Shania staring on him as he sat on the counter.
"You know it's rude to sit on other's counters without asking." I said as I started dabbing the bleeding cuts.
"I'm sorry." He chuckled.
"What is your name? Or should I call you Romeo?" I teased referring to the fact he called me Juliet.
"The name is Drew." He smiled at me.
"How did you end up in the bush Drew?"
"I was trying to get something out of the tree and lost my footing." He frowned.
"What were you trying to get?"
"This." He held a small ring that had a ruby in it.
"That's beautiful." Shania gasped.
"Why was it in the tree?" I questioned as I tried to bandaged his cuts.
"She said she didn't love me anymore." He mumbled.
"That's awful." Shania frowned.
"The name is Mandy." I said changing the subject. "And that's Shania, we're staying here for the summer."
Shania looked shocked that I even recognized that she was in the same room with me let alone that I introduced her. He jumped off the counter and smiled gently at me.
"It was nice to meet you ladies, and thank you for taking care of my wounds." He smiled. I nodded and watched as he left the house.
"There's a party tonight at six downtown. Go let Paige know." I mumbled walking past her and up the stairs. Hailey and Kelsey were in Hailey's room talking about music.
"Where did you run off to?" Hailey asked me.
"Garden, it's beautiful." I smiled. "There's a party downtown tonight, I was thinking that we all should go. Kick off the summer in the right way."
"Whoa!" They both gasped before jumping off the bed and running towards the bathroom. I sighed shaking my head. This was gonna be some night.

Six crept up really fast. The more I looked at the clock the more nervous I got. I don't even know why I was getting nervous, it's not like I was going just to meet up with that guy. I sat on the couch flipping through the channels when I heard the footsteps of the others coming down the stairs.
"Are you really going like that?" Paige looked at me as if she disapproved.
"Yes I am, because I don't give a rats ass what others think of me." I snapped.
"No need to be rude." Shania mumbled.
"Mandy should be herself not someone else." Hailey said smiling at me. Kelsey nodded approving my ripped skinny jeans and flannel shirt with my black tank top. We walked outside and I was happy to see that my rental jeep was here.
"So who's riding with me?" I smiled.
"Me!" Both Kelsey and Hailey yelled running to the jeep. I tossed the keys to the other car to Paige before walking towards the jeep.
"Be sure to keep up." I chuckled jokingly.
Sure enough it was clearly a bit hard for her to keep up but she managed. When we reached downtown we could tell there was a party going on. People packed the streets and music roared. We parked the car by the beach and started walking towards the sound of the music. Of course Paige and Shania were groaning about walking because they were in heels, where both Kelsey and Hailey were in converse and I were in combat boots.
"Juliet!" I turned my head to see Drew waving at us.
"Romeo!" I chuckled.
"Uh?" The girls looked at me strangely except for Shania who was staring only at Drew.
"Are these ladies also members of the house?" He questioned.
"Yes, this is Hailey, Kelsey and Paige." I said.
"Nice to meet you ladies, I am Drew."
"Are you here alone?" I asked.
"No my friends are over there, would you like to meet them?"
"Su-" I began but got cut off.
"Yes!" Paige and Shania both said. Kelsey and Hailey gave them a dirty look, as I softly smiled at Drew. We followed him through the crowd towards a tent. When we got inside the tent it was light by beautiful candles.
"Jeez Drew can't you go out once without bringing back girls?" I turned my head to see a charming male with a cocky smile glued to his lips.
"Wesley I can't help that I am a nice guy." He smiled. "Ladies this is Wesley, his brother Keaton, his best friend Tyler, and…" Drew looked around confused.
"Spencer stepped out." Wesley chuckled.
Quickly Paige and Shania ran out of the tent towards the Karaoke bar. Hailey and Kelsey disappeared through the crowd leaving me alone. I walked the crowd by myself watching the kids run around, the parents chatting with other parents, the young couples holding hands, kissing, and showing their affection towards each other.
"Are you always alone?" I turned my head to see Justin with a little girl on his shoulders and a little boy clung to his leg.
"Not always." I smiled softly. "Who are these cuties?"
"My cousin's kids." He smiled. "Would you like to join us?"
"Sure." Once I said that the little boy ran over to me and gestured that he wanted to be picked up. I placed him on my shoulders just like the little girl was on Justin's. I followed him as he talked about his family. It was nice to hear someone talk so positive about their family, it was really rare.

Hours passed as I spent most of the time talking to Justin about our pasts and futures. We sat on the board walk watching the kids run around in the sand.
"There you are!" We turned our heads to see a female who looked like the female version of Justin.
"Oh sorry Kris." Justin chuckled. "Got caught up."
"Who's this beautiful girl?" She questioned making me blush.
"This is Mandy, she is staying in the old manor for the summer." He smiled.
"It's nice to meet you Mandy! We should have lunch sometime, I hope you don't mind me stealing my cousin back now, do you?" She asked politely.
"No it's okay." I smiled.
"See you later!" Justin smiled at me as he walked away. I sat on the board walk a little longer staring at the sea as the sun was setting against the water. It's beautiful.
"It's beautiful isn't it." I turned my head at the sound of a British accent.
"Truly." I smiled softly as he sat down next to me. "I've never seen such beauty."
"I guess you don't look in the mirror that often then." He chuckled causing me to blush.
"Mandy!" I turned my head again to see Hailey and Kelsey running towards me with the biggest grins on their faces. Which usually meant nothing good at all.
"Yes?" I questioned standing up.
"Come! Now!" Kelsey said as Hailey pulled on my arm. I turned my head to look back at the male who was smiling at me.
"What's your name?" I yelled.
"James!" He shouted back laughing as well. I smiled softly and turned back to the girls as I tried to keep up to their pace. We ran through the crowds of people that lined the street, as we turned the corner I heard Shania's and Paige's voices. They were singing Ain't It Fun.
"I don't understand.." I mumbled. "Why was I dragged here…?"
"Look closer!" Kelsey said pointing at behind the stage. It was some chick who had the most ugliest look on her face ever as she stared at the girls. She looked past them and her face turned even more sour before she turned around and stormed away. Something didn't seem right, why would a girl who we've never met before be looking at them with so much hatred as if she's known us for years. That's when I turned my head in the direction she was staring to see a very handsome guy staring at the girls with so much content. A soft smile lined his lips as his arms crossed his chest.
"Who's that guy?" I questioned.
"I dunno." Hailey shrugged.
"He's staring at the girls so contently.." I mumbled.
"Do you think they know him?" Kelsey asked.
"That's impossible…" I said. "We know all the same people Kelsey."
"Well go find out then dummy!" Hailey giggled. I nodded and made my way over to this mystery man. When he turned his head to look at me I was taken back by his bright beautiful blue eyes.
"Is something the matter love?" His Irish accent rang in my ears like echoes.
"I was just wondering…" I coughed nervously. "Do you know those girls?"
"I just met them earlier." He smiled. "They are wonderful company."
"Yeah you're right.." I mumbled.
"Do you know them? Are you one of their housemates?" He sounded excited.
"Yes, I am Mandy.."
"Mandy it's wonderful to meet you!" He grinned. "I am Niall!"
The sound of the crowd clapping shook my attention. I turned around to see the happy faces glued to Shania's and Paige's faces. I knew coming here would be a good thing for us. I started clapping for them along with the crowd but when I turned around to talk to Niall again he was gone.
"Weird.." I mumbled.
"That was great wasn't it?" Shania said proudly.
"You guys were awesome!" Hailey chuckled.
"What's wrong Mandy?" Paige asked.
"Nothing.." I muttered. I looked back towards the stage to see someone new got on the stage. A young handsome looking guy.
"Woo!! Go Spence!" I turned my head at the sound of that loud obnoxious voice. It was Wesley from earlier.
"Hey isn't that guy one of Drew's friends?" Shania asked. Of course she would remember his name with no issue. I looked at Spencer who was now strumming his guitar singing Love the way you lie.
"His voice…" Paige swooned.
"Juliet!" I turned my head to see Drew smiling and waving at me.
"Hey Romeo." I giggled.
"Seems like you just can't stay away." Wesley teased.
"They must be soulmates!" Paige teased.
"As if." Shania laughed.
"Rude." Kelsey muttered.
"I think she's just jealous." Hailey shrugged. "I mean she hasn't been able to keep her beady little eyes off of Drew this whole time."
Shania's face right bright red and sour looking before she pushed through the crowd.
"What the hell?!" Paige growled before running after her.
"Aww Drew." Wesley laughed.
"Geez do you guys always have to cause a scene?" I turned my head to see Spencer walking towards his with his guitar in his hand.
"It's all Drew this time." Tyler teased.
"No actually it was our fault." I apologized.
"Who is this?" Spencer asked curiously.
"Mandy and her housemates." Drew said.
"How is it your fault if you don't mind me asking love?"
"Our other housemate was being an ass, so I called her out on the bullshit." Hailey explained. "Then she stormed off because she was butthurt."
"Interesting.." He mumbled.
"Lets go!" Kelsey smiled.
"Juliet…" Drew mumbled.
"Yes?" I turned my head at him.
"Can we have lunch tomorrow?"
"Sure Romeo." I smiled softly at him before I followed the girls towards the beach. It's a good thing we came when we did otherwise we wouldn't have found an area to sit down without having others overlapping us.
"Mandy!" I turned my head to see Justin smiling brightly at me.
"Hey Justin." I smiled.
"Whoa who's this??" Hailey gasped.
"This is Justin." I said. "Justin this is Hailey and Kelsey they're also staying at the manor."
"Nice to meet you ladies." He smiled at them.
"When did you meet Mandy?" Kelsey asked.
"This afternoon in the rose garden."
"Really?" The both looked at me with wide eyes. Luckily for me the fireworks began taking their attention off of me. I stood back and watched the different types of reactions from the crowds. The parents weren't truly paying attention just taking pictures, the kids were chasing each other with sparklers, and the couples were either making out or taking selfies. That's when I noticed the guy from the pier, I believe his name was James. He was with three other guys watching intently at the colors in the sky. Maybe this summer won't be so bad after all…

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