Neverending Nightmares: Dollmaker

It's hard to breathe. My vision is blurry, it won't focus. I feel as if I'm in a haze. I can't move. A heavy weight is forcing itself down on me. I feel like I'm sinking, I'm draining away and there's no way out. My mind is between two worlds, trying to grasp itself onto reality. My eyes flick open again and again. I know I'm losing, but his voice keeps bringing me back. Soft and encouraging. He won't let it have me, I know he won't. I have to wake up. For Him. For all of them.


1. Part 1


     My eyelids creeped slowly like caterpillars. They hesitantly open inch by inch, letting tiny specks of light seep in. My eyes feel as if they have a mind of their own, wanting to collapse close. Wanting to wander back into the dark despair where thoughts aren’t recognized and dreams are reality. I flip them up once more, this time forcibly keeping them open. The sun’s rays pierce through my curtains, white lights dancing across my beige carpet. The walls are white and plain aside from a few posters and pictures. A mini-yellow emoji pillow hangs above my nightstand and on it sits a rosy pink clock. Small gray sequins frame the sides and corners of it making a rectangle. 

     I stare at the time; 7:30. I have 30 minutes before I have to get on the bus to school. This should be enough time for me to brush my teeth, shower, do my hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, and walk my lazy self to the bus stop. I unfold my covers off of me, they seem to weigh a ton. I use so much effort and struggle just to get them off. It feels like I’m carrying extra weight today. As if something’s pushing down on my shoulders. I drag my legs over the side of my bed and let my body descend onto the fluffy floor. I felt as if I was a droplet of water flowing through a faucet. 

     I stretch out my limbs one by one beginning with my arms, reaching them up towards the ceiling and flexing my wrists. Then, I arch my back, forward and backward. It feels sore along my spine. I shake my head and blink a few times. Looking up I begin to crawl towards my dresser on my hands and knees. From here on my level, the dresser looks like a mansion. The color of it is black and light pink handles are lined up on the drawers, parallel to each other. I feel as if I’m crawling through a dessert and the carpet feels like sand. Soft, grainy sand. It makes me want to collapse into the fibers of the carpet and let it suck me into another world. One more step and I’m at my dresser. I grab a hard handle and pull myself up. I peer into the crisp mirror. It’s so neat and clean, you can see every little detail in my room and on me. 

     My brown eyes look shiny, though they’re probably sleep deprived, and my lips have a natural pink tint to them. I have a small nose, but I find the shape of it ugly. I open my mouth to display my teeth and run my tongue across the top half. No smudges, perfectly white and nicely shaped. I make a light clicking sound with my tongue and smile. Aside from a few strands of hair sticking up, I look good! I move my eyebrows up and down twice. I rub my right hand across the back of my neck. It’s starting to prickle like I’m being poked with something or someone’s breathing on me. 

     I use both of my hands to massage it and start rolling my head from side to side. I pause and squint my eyes. Something black is standing beside my bed. I think to myself that it doesn’t look human. What I’m seeing in the mirror looks like a shadow, it’s towering over me. Maybe it’s something outside. I turn quickly and look over my right shoulder to see what it is. I’m struck with a moment of shock. I saw a image of something, but I moved too fast. I swear something was there. I turn back to the mirror and start turning around slowly this time. I pause and I can’t breathe. It feels as if a vacuum has sucked everything from me. My heart has stopped or at least I think it did. 

     Glancing over my shoulder, peering out of my right eye, I see it. A tall dark figure looming over me. It’s a great distance behind me. The skin of it is a dark gray and looks coarse. Long black hair covers its face and instead of hands it has claws. Long, sharp, and shiny. They resembled scissors making a clinking sound when they opened and closed. The creatures clothes looked ragged and a long huge slit was cut across the bottom of its face. I realized it was the mouth smiling at me. Something dark and sticky oozes from it. I don’t know what made me do it, but I turn around fully. Maybe I was in a daze because it felt as if my mind had taken flight. I peer across my room, nothing. I turn back around and stare at myself for a while. Must be the side effects of last nights drugs.

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