April 2016

In 2016 I participated in NaPoWriMo (or in my case GloPoWriMo) and this is my (quite delayed) poems.

There are no common theme connecting the poems, they just are.


6. The rose garden by the sea


I am walking in a garden of roses 

With the dark brown dirt under my feet

The aroma of the roses is sweet

Then the rosebuds sway in the breeze


I am walking in a light green labyrinth 

Made of flowers and bushes and trees

I hear the buzzing of the busy bees

And the silent rustling of the leaves


When I walk around a corner of plants

In front of me stands a shiny tower

Radiating a dark kind of power

It scares me but it is alluring too


For a moment I stand frozen by the sight

But something in the corner of my eye

Makes me turn I do not know why

And that is when I see the sparkling blue


I start walking towards the blinking blue

The sound and sight are spellbinding me

I am bewitched by the amazing sea

As the aroma of the roses meets the salt on the breeze

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