April 2016

In 2016 I participated in NaPoWriMo (or in my case GloPoWriMo) and this is my (quite delayed) poems.

There are no common theme connecting the poems, they just are.


8. Stars on the night sky


Every night

Before I go to sleep

I look out my window

Watching the night sky

Turn black instead of blue

And I see

The stars slowly coming to life

And they blink down at me

And I wink at them

From my bedroom window 

And sometimes

In the dark 

Half of the year

The clear harvest moon 

Stands like a golden mirror 

On a black background 

Shining with a warm glow

But now its silver surface stays hidden

Behind a silhouette 

Of a rooftop 

But in my dreams

Both night sky and

Blinking stars

Reflects in the golden surface 

Of the harvest moon

And just before sleep

Takes me to dreamland

I wink at the stars

That blink at me trough the window

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