April 2016

In 2016 I participated in NaPoWriMo (or in my case GloPoWriMo) and this is my (quite delayed) poems.

There are no common theme connecting the poems, they just are.


22. Our world, our home


I look out my window thinking

of the world in which I was born

And I hear all living things calling

for us to think so life can go on


The sun stands on a bright, blue sky

and shines with a blaming defeat 

It asks me why, oh, why

do you not use me to produce heat?


I rise every morning, you know

and half the year I share my glow

with you and as the days go

I don't stop shining, you know


And under the suns blaming face

the plants of the earth shed a tear

They say put youself in our place

feel our hope and our fear


Do not erase us from our home

just because you don't think we belong

You do not know what will come

but we are the beat of your song


The trees wants to touch the sky

they grow as the sun hits their leaves

all along they keep screaming, why

do you take our land, you thieves?


They do not understand

how we can slay those, who

helps us protect our homes, our land

then it is their homes too


And rivers and lakes sound their mind

when they flood and dry out

and only leave chaos behind

Their massage is clear and loud


When they get polluted and contaminated

they kill all life on their way

Soon all good things will have fated

and the water is a lifeless grey


The oceans and seas gets choked

in human made noise and in smoke

One time we would have joked

with the things that it cloaks


The waves crash against the shore

singing a song of despair

They say, use our energy some more

we will help you, if you are fair


And sea-creatures dies a painful death

when they get choked by the oil

that stop their ability to breath

or they get caught in a plastic-jail


Or they cannot find their kind

because of the noises we make

Known routes get left behind

when they follow our noise by mistake


And animals living on land

have to stand up against man

We have long had guns at hand

and have shot animals without plan


We have erased their territories

and captured them for fun

Soon some will only live in bedtime stories

'cause from nature they'll  be gone


And the birds that fly high in the sky

and travel a thousand miles

may not be able to fly

or rest once in while


So when I look out of my window thinking

of the world in which I was born

I understand why Mother Earth is begging

us to protect, what else soon will be gone


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