April 2016

In 2016 I participated in NaPoWriMo (or in my case GloPoWriMo) and this is my (quite delayed) poems.

There are no common theme connecting the poems, they just are.


16. A goodbye


You were the first guy to say I love you

And the first guy whose heart I broke

You could have been my second boyfriend

And the first one with who I knew what it meant

But instead you were the first guy I left heartbroken 


People say that time heals everything 

And for your sake I hope that is true

For even though I am still broken

You do not deserve to live in a painful daydream

Your life is tough enough as it is

Without you walking around waiting

For something that will never happen


You were the first guy who said I love you

And the first guy whose heart I broke

And now I am going to take away your hope

I just hope that you will find someone else to love

Someone who will love the way you are

Because I am never going to love you

And when I leave we will properly never talk again


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