Road Trip!

Mature Content.
Some boys head-out on a trip to pick up an old used car and they do have a good time.
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2. Part 2 – Meet Nephew Evan


 We headed out the next morning about 9 am, stopped at a fast-food place for some breakfast and then drove pretty much the rest of the day. The drive was all right; talking to Jason is great, he always in a good mood and he did most of the talking. I must admit I mainly thought about the night before.

 We finally got up to his aunt’s house around about 8 pm. She came out to greet us and she was real nice. She showed us the car and asked if we needed something to eat. We said no and that we should maybe look over the car before using it. She then said, “Let my son help you and he’ll show you guys where you can sleep too”. I thanked her again and she headed into the house.

 Jason & I checked out the car and then I hear some kid say “Hey you guys, what do ya think”? It was Jason’s nephew Evan. I just said, “Hey how you doing.” Jason jumps right in there, pulls Even off to the side and starts bull shitting with him while I finished checking over the car. I did notice Jason kept whispering and pointing at me, oh well.

 Evan then took us in the house at the back door, he then showed us the room we where to stay. His room… one queen sized bed, one twin bed and a sleeping bag. Evan smiled; I looked at Jason and I just shrugged my shoulders. Jason looked at me and then looked at Evan and shook his head yes. “Who gets what for a bed?” I asked. Both Jason & Evan said, “You get the big bed,” They both almost said it at the same time. I just said, “OK if you want me to” It was going on 10:30 so I said “Lets get some sleep” We all three jumped in bed, Evan took the sleeping bag, Jason in the twin and me in the queen size. We bull-shitted a time and then fell asleep.

 I awoke about 1 am and found Jason in bed next to me and Evan at the foot of the bed suck’n Jason’s cock! They both looked at and smiled. As Evan sucked him, Jason started to undo my draws. I then said; “How old is he!” (Honest he looked only 15) They both then told me to quiet down and then Jason whispered; “He’s sort of 17 and weeks older than I am!” I still didn’t like it, what if his mom came in?

 I soon forgot it though, as Jason stroked my cock and I watched Evan suck him off. Maybe Evan was 17 he seemed very good at what he was doing! Jason then almost started screen out, I put my lips to his and my tongue down his throat (just to quiet him down of course) Jason then lost it! With his mouth open and a lot of cum dripping down his chin, Evan drank it in and then looks up at me and sticks his tongue out dripping with cum. I think he did it to show me drank down the cum. Jason then said, “He wants to do you next, I told him how you taste.” I just shake my head yes and let him start in on me.

  Evan is good at that I must say, he sucked me hard and long and Jason licking my abs & nipples, I knew I was going to lose it any second and then I did, all in Evan’s mouth and did he drink it down, every drop.

 Then I said, “What about you Evan?” He said, “You guys want to do me too?” Jason & I both said, “Well ya… we owe you now!” I took Evan’s cock in my mouth and Jason took his balls in his. I’m pretty sure he liked it since then he started to scream out and neither Jason nor I could get at him to quit him down. I did my best to finish him off but then I backed off thinking his mother would be coming in soon with that screaming. Then Jason got some cum on top of his head with him down doing Evan’s balls. I kind of laughed and got under the covers, hiding from his mom (who never did come in)

 Next morning, we shook their hands, said goodbye and headed out. I looked Evan right in the eye a long time; I’m going to miss him, that’s for sure! It was going to be a long drive home, but I did have something to think about!

 End of Part 2

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