Road Trip!

Mature Content.
Some boys head-out on a trip to pick up an old used car and they do have a good time.
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1. Part 1 - “On Our way”


 A friend of mine, Jason gave me a call last Labor Day weekend, said he’s getting a free new (used) car from his aunt. She lives in the way-north side of the state and can I give him a ride up there, it may take a day or two? I said “sure” this is Jason; he’s a good friend and sometimes a little more than a friend.

 I get to Jason’s house and there’s his mom and dad, His dad tells us to be careful and he appreciates me taking him up there. He says Jason’s now at the age he needs his own car and can I check over before coming back? I tell them I will. While his dad is talking to Jason, his mom then pulls me off to the side and thanks me again and gives me an envelope and says to open it later.

 It’s about noon and we jump in my pick up and head out. Jason whips out a hand full of $20’s and said his dad gave it him. I say, “Oh ya, your ma gave this too”. I gave him the envelope and he open’s it and finds three 50-dollar bills in side. We look at one another and yell “Road Trip”!!!

 At 6 or so we stop at a motel, check in and toss our stuff in the room and go get something to eat. We head back to the motel. It’s a nice place, big room, two big beds and clean bathroom. We jump in our beds, watch some TV and bullshit till about 11pm.

 We then kill the lights and the TV, bullshit a little more and roll over and go to sleep. By midnight, I wake up and there’s Jason in my bed with his arm around me. He says; “You don’t mind do you”? I just said; “If you want to, I want to”.

 We’ve done this before, well… His dads a cop and well you know. It’s OK now but then - maybe not. At that time, I was 17 and he’s now 16 so we should be good to go now. Of course, I’m thinking about all this as he’s pulling off my draws. And to put it simply, I stopped thinking and got a hard-on in about a second. He then started on me. He already has a hard-on and does he have one! The best way put it I’m a 6” or so and he’s a 9” or 10” And does he give a hell of a blow-job, in and out at a 100 mph (sorry, that’s best way to describe it) It does not take him long and he gets me off, he keeps on sucking till I’m soft. So now it was my turn to do him.

 First, he tells me he’s been thinking about this since he called me yesterday and he’s been “half hard” ever since. So, I start in on him, I right away get some pre-cum and he’s doing a lot of moaning. He then asks or begs me “Let me up your ass” I said, “I guess so, we’ll need some lube” (I must admit I haven’t had that done very many times). He says, “I brought some!” He starts to lube himself up and I just lick his washboard abs, boy I like those abs! I’m working on mine.

 He pretty much then begs me “let me in there now, I’m going to lose it just looking at you!” I then said “Man, why are you so fuck’n nice to me” I then said; “Go ahead in there” Nice and slow at first and then faster and faster, then he yelled “I’ll pull it out” and believe it or not he pulled it out, slid head first off, the side of the bed (so his cock was above his face) and jacked himself off and squirted his cum into his own mouth. He gets up and kisses me, I deep tongued him and I can still taste “his cum” still in his mouth. We took a shower together and then got some sleep.

 I’ll finish the story with another chapter; we’ll meet his aunt, but also his nephew.

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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