Uncle's old Record Shop

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2017
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A small and derelict record shop was being found by a 15-year old small town boy who discovers some of the greatest artists of all time


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I   am Kygo and was born 15 years ago in a small town in the West part of America. Dovestown, the name of the town, is typical for its nothing adventurous and dullness. There is nothing interesting here, except the local library but this is not a place for me because I read at home from time to time on my e-reader. Can you imagine a teen like me spending the summer in a dusty room, full of all sorts of books on the old shelves and a rigid lady looking bad at people who do not keep silence? No thanks!

I said there is nothing cool in Dovestown but this summer I discovered something worth mentioning. A small locked place, a shop once really, that miraculously longed to be discovered by someone. A small shop which is like transported from the past into nowadays, remaining on the corner of the farthest street in town silently, almost invisibly. There is no readable sign above it. I guess time is a very good eraser of memories and...signs.


Uncle is living across the street and when I told him what I've discovered, he told me that many years ago it was his workplace in the store of his father. I stood amazed:


-How come you never told me that, uncle?-asked I

-I didn't see the worth, nephew Kygo, the store is closed since the early 80s and besides, nobody buys vinyls these days-folks have iPhones and iPods, the modern stuff you are more familiar than me with!

-Oh, but these old bearers of music are so interesting to me! I've never seen a vinyl, uncle! Will you open the music store for me, pleeeese!-begged I my good uncle who never disappointed me so far.

-I don't know, Kygo! I have to find the keys. Give me some time....


 Uncle went inside, looking for these ancient keys to lock the store but I just couldn't stay in one place. I was feeling like a solid explorer, like Indiana Jones on a secret mission. Well, I am not going to find some gold but.....what's inside this long forgotten shop may become a gold to me.



                                                                                        . . .



 I crossed the street, peaking from the dirty window of the shop. It seemed there are shelves who weren't empty. Yes, everything was there, covered in dust and spider-webs. So many years have passed since the early 80s. I feel so new and perhaps a little sad the kids from my generation don't know about vinyls and gramophones. I've seen one-in a magazine and really wondered what it feels like to hear sounds coming from that appliance. My uncle's record shop is my personal museum where all exhibits can be touched and seen in details. A museum of music like no other.


                                                                                        . . .


While still waiting for my uncle, I looked down in front of the shop's half-painted in dirty white door and saw a hair-pin. It looked as lost by some woman and that second I gave birth to a brilliant idea-to open the store with this /EXTRA/ordinary skeleton key. I like gadgets that can be of use and without extra efforts the door was already opened and I stepped in.

I am telling you, I was transported back in time, not even in the 80s but even far- in the 50s and 60s. All vinyls were from these eras. How I know without recognizing the singers? Well, the pictures were in black and white only and I connected the dots. Maybe some of the lacquered records were from the 40s.

The record shop has the smell of a granny's wardrobe but a little better. Several cobwebs and dead flies made me a company. The only two unpolished wooden shelves were stacked to the top with vinyls. I began reading the names of the artists-';' The Andrew Sisters'', ''Duke Wellington'', ''Elvis Costello'', ''Elvis Presley''/hey, I have heard of him/, ''Ella Fitzgerald'', creole music/ whatever it means/, ''Patsy Cline'', ''Ray Charles'',''Buddy Holly'',''Dean Martin'', ''Bob Dylan'', ''Josephine Baker'' and others.


                                                                                        . . .



  I continued zealously to look around and saw also old music magazines with not so shiny covers like today's ones. Elvis on the cover of one of it. And finally there is very, very old gramophone, resembling the little Grammy statues I know. I feel so tempted to play one of the vinyls and decided it to be Mr. Presley but that minute when I turned to the gramophone with a vinyl in my hand, I saw uncle.


-You scared me, uncle!-said I innocently

-How did you manage to get in, boy?-he asked

-With a hair-pin!

-A hair-pin?-he wondered

-Are you mad, uncle, I couldn't wait see your record shop as quickly as possible because....because....I've never seen a place like this before!

-No, of course I am not mad, Kygo! I couldn't find the keys anyways and came to tell you but I saw you have opened this old ''pal''!

-It brings back memories, right?

-I worked here almost 15 years, basically about your age and I never really said goodbye....to all the music

-Perfect time to playin' it old school, don't you think, uncle?

-Bring Elvis her, boy! Let show 'em what groovy music really is......


 Till the rest of the day the old forgotten uncle's record shop came to life one last time with the music of Elvis and his buddies from the glorious years of rock 'n' roll, jazz and soul. My perfect place this summer.

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