How to draw a dragon

A girl finds her crayon yet, aside an imaginary place beyond the, town of creek Kay which has an evil witch who fairy tales and secrets were, to find the pick dragon, a magic crayon helps, her find a story and a new imagination of stoires and great, tales of new castle kingdom.


Author's note

Creative imagination

19. Treasure of midnight journey: the long journey chapter 2

In kreekay the lost map never came back it was perhaps missing long before Mirah could remeber, aside her shadow garry, started to realize the map was, coming back to land of shadows, yet what was the treasure behind the land of stories, evry fairytale was near mirah the true dragon was pink yet, midnight dragon was on her mind, perhaps in the journey she still needed to find the midnight dragon. 

The castle was in a land of doors and stories, it had quizzes wizards and flying crayons it was wierd and started to show that imagination was coming clearer a bit to Mirah her, own garry was a shadow and started to ask? Why he was a cookie and the he, realized he had been eaten by kruella and started to think, he was going. To get the shadow back, since dragons fly, they help mirah and the rest find. A way out of this castle.

The castle stuck though it had great maps inside and out but which one, was mirah to follow? For the flying crayons now had many drawings it reminded mirah that her dragon was pink and again it only wanted her, to find the one any only crayon.


Mirah saw that every shadow, and story in midnight glory, was Unders fairy perhaps that was the next, story under the castle lay a map, that once was torn and under midnight dragon, the book said, that midnight dragon would be near but it's seemed so faraway in this mirah needed to find just one dragon.


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