How to draw a dragon

A girl finds her crayon yet, aside an imaginary place beyond the, town of creek Kay which has an evil witch who fairy tales and secrets were, to find the pick dragon, a magic crayon helps, her find a story and a new imagination of stoires and great, tales of new castle kingdom.


Author's note

Creative imagination

18. Treasure of midnight journey : the long journey chapter 1

inside the castle, they next chapter mirah saw that all this time more of the journey was saw, through a mirror, it was magic beyond belief in her story, the pink dragon was all over her story it began in a dream of midnight glory, mirah knew it was more then. A story, now the real things from imagination were in a pass story, it proved that dragons do come back to stories, in the crayon was a missing treasure.

Garry was a cookie yet, he lived in. A story, it was more then. A story it told the friend, had imagination yet, morrow was another cookie did it have another story, it was not the only story but, it had a flavor of midnight journeys.

The door open in this castle and another way the mystery was said? The clue was a riddle in the castle locked up stories, it was far away and the next way out was. A question that was harder then the first it had a dragon in the form of a troll that had guessed that mirah story wa the begining of all the midnight journeys.

In the castle the dooor be opened and, the flavor went in a journey the geared up map lost the Treausre yet what was in the treasure? Aside the crayon there was something else that had more imagination, it could fooled mirah? 

The only thing that had bein back rainbows was her imaginations yet years back the imagination started to become real oneday, mirah saw that the past was clearly all imagination, and it started in the land of imagination, 

The next question locked the door it stumped her mind yet the troll disapeered as a dragon and flew up midnight story and the door needed a key so mirah needed to find a key aside the rainbow, shutter it was clues if all, yet garry helped mirah in search of the key to solve this long journey to find that crayon.

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