How to draw a dragon

A girl finds her crayon yet, aside an imaginary place beyond the, town of creek Kay which has an evil witch who fairy tales and secrets were, to find the pick dragon, a magic crayon helps, her find a story and a new imagination of stoires and great, tales of new castle kingdom.


Author's note

Creative imagination

20. Treasure of midnight journey chapter 3

The quizzes were fun and mirth found that before midnight glory, Shen ad to find at crayon that flew, and Garry found his friend a crayon on midnigh, glory and the map that had everyone in was the old story, where Mirah once lived faraway in town called kreekay 

Where she had a oink dragon and her crayon of imagination, yet Garry was Mira's true friend and he was as sweet as a cookie, inside and out he surely was in the land of quizzes, Mira saw aside the castle it had keys and crayons yet what happened to all the dragons mia just saw flying crayons.

She realized in the door was quizzes, weird but seemed that a some imaginations need a land of quizzes and out in the air started to fade, some real things that once were an imagining were quizzes, far away somehow crayons were in the land of quizzes.

The crayon that flew had colors of blue, red grey, and all this land Mirah knew, that Garry could come back as a full colored cookie, mirah began to treasure this land of quizzes just behind the land of shadows. To be continued....

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