How to draw a dragon

A girl finds her crayon yet, aside an imaginary place beyond the, town of creek Kay which has an evil witch who fairy tales and secrets were, to find the pick dragon, a magic crayon helps, her find a story and a new imagination of stoires and great, tales of new castle kingdom.


Author's note

Creative imagination

32. story of midnight glory part5

in the poems of midnight glory land was hard to find yet, in the book Mira could see, evry bit of words that had the letters in a, wide far and open creative way, it satrted to show, that the poems that read had both, opened time and had many things about, a boat, yet Mira nevr knew that in the page, it had a poem to start, so she saw and turned to page one in the poems of midnight glory.

The sweet lands had been very, flat untill a town of rainbow, castle and arcs, brought a flat story, it use to be myths, yet became real, at time perhaps if it was fanatsy, it had started with majesty, it was majestic and real, yet it took time, likke evry time it Alway was somehow existing, yet in the draws and town of yours it satrted to be a crayon that started to find. Aland and draw, perhaps Mira saw, this but, as she read, she started to wed.

Garry closely saw that poems or not, it was trully a creative story and behind the past it fleed dragon, yet the crayon was missing it still, was a crayon yet missing, Mira made new friends and old yet shadows nevr die, it still said in the book too, garry peeked and since Mira knew, they were more then freinds then they thouht.

Soon the book began to float magic became since time started to be a clock fled the books and gave Mira a watch, the ventured began and more and more time started to follow, and Mira knew that the book was begining to flee.

After the part time saw a book the land reamained had more of a shape, it satrted to become rounder then before and perhaps more of the journey was on the other, side yet

Dragons started to flee and amazingly it started to be and the other side started to get back in a map yet, Mira treasured the onesise and her old town was still the same even though she, got lost upon trying to find her dragon and crayon she still was the same.

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