How to draw a dragon

A girl finds her crayon yet, aside an imaginary place beyond the, town of creek Kay which has an evil witch who fairy tales and secrets were, to find the pick dragon, a magic crayon helps, her find a story and a new imagination of stoires and great, tales of new castle kingdom.


Author's note

Creative imagination

12. grey mountain forest imagination chapter page 1 and 2

The forest was great of rainbow more then the other woods of rainbows what made this mountain different was its land of great imagination built, atop a steep flow of campaign it was sparkly all the way to the top, yet it had houses aside the way, the dragons afar flew high and mighty, they were each in a frenzy

Mirah, could see the too however, it had strange story untill the shadow could tell? Aside from the magic of her crayon, it lead a rainbow yet, the garry inside the shadow had, evn more pencils then before, mirah stood high in her journey, untill she could catch a midnight dragon, that be hard since the crayon garry had was magic less, compared to the witches dragon.


It was clear then ever and the land of shadows were steep in midnight dreary yet, seemed ️️happy in. A forest in midnight dreary stranger then. A story. The mountain, was climbing and mirah set foot, on the midnight journey, litle people of witches saw mirah in help of midnight wears, they were nice yet sensitive poeple, in way of helping mirah they were all useful in drawing, and scotching her own fairytale stumble.

The next house had full of good witches that, had mirah in her forest ready to get her from one, journey in her crayon book, yet the pink dragon seemed far away from this land of midnight drearis, the help was endless to find some kind of dragon, at must was garry in the story of midnight dragon. On the too lay a trap of houses, in a flow of great and, powerful Magic in her journey still on shadow mountain.


In the forest was Joelle the midnight dragon she went on top to find the rainbow of midnight

Krueela the witch of good helped mirah up this mountain in exchange for the shadow of garry the midnight shadow yet, mirah coudnt give up garry the shadow as he was a true dear freind, in the night of the shadows, a sunrise of bright rainbow came evry morning.

In the journey she left the witches in her crayon drawing then saw the good witch and left her the crayon she only had, yet it was enough to free the great sleigh dragon.

It was shoed like a dragon yet mirah could ride it to reach the top of grey shadows perhaps, help her in the journey for the crayon she lost, and the witch had more in her mind was her sister, that was good and helped mirah.


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