Simply, Aesthetic

1. to be concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty ~just another simplistic cover shop hoping to give you aesthetic pleasure from your cover~ ~open~ ~free~ ~creative~ ~simple~
Simplistic cover shop to make the best covers for you!


2. Requests/Forms

Hi again, glad you liked the examples enough to keep reading. I'm still relatively new to this and would like to help other writers to have a nice looking cover. 

If you end up not liking your cover, I will be open to editing it twice. Message me or comment the corrections you want done. After that, you may want to get a cover made by someone more professional than me. Please tell me if you don't want the cover! I won't be offended or anything.

If you would like to request one, fill out the form below and comment on this chapter or message me if needed.

Payment: Fan/Follow me and credit me in the story description please!

Author name: laurynjanelle

Title of story: hey, glasses

Subtitle: No one noticed him but her.

Brief Overview/ Summary: a girl has a huge crush on a nerdy guy who's name is hardly used because people only acknowledge him by his glasses.

Secret phrase: simply, yourusername (Put your actual username)

Genre(s): teen fiction, romance

Ideas: colors, fonts, characters, structure, mood or tone, are some ideas to help me make the best possible cover for you!

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