Simply, Aesthetic

1. to be concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty ~just another simplistic cover shop hoping to give you aesthetic pleasure from your cover~ ~open~ ~free~ ~creative~ ~simple~
Simplistic cover shop to make the best covers for you!


1. Introduction and Examples

Hey, I'm Lauryn. I should be writing, but cover art is my guilty pleasure. This is the place where I'm going to put my lazy butt to work when I'm not writing, so don't hesitate to ask for plenty of covers! I usually make my own covers, so expect yours to be no more or less than what you've seen of mine. I can get busy sometimes please do remember that. I will try to get your cover to you in a week max. Please don't get mad and don't be rude to me or to others. Below are original covers that I've made for my own stories, or for fun. The top ones are the most recent, though they are not all in order. Make sure you comment your forms on the next page only. I will post the cover as it's own chapter and I will pm you when it is done and send you the info. Thanks!


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