Unspoken Lyrics

Rebecca, a lonely girl who struggles in the real world. Afraid to speak to anyone about the problem she has had to face on her own. Andrew one of the cooler kids from school finally notices a small girl in need of some help.


1. song of sorrows

         Entry One

        Dear person who has found this page. 

     My life has been cruel from an early age. It all started at the age of five almost a year after my little sister Julie was born. My mom was finally done being abused by her boyfriend, or at least that is what she told me, and had decided that we were going to leave him. Her boyfriend James, who I thought was my father at the time, was completely innocent my mother Delia was just an attention whore who was cheating on him with a guy from work. I was being dragged away from the only home I knew with a woman who loves her boyfriend far more than her own children.  To get me to stay with her she told me awful stories of James. So with that we decided to go,letting my long life of abuse begin. 

     Years of moving from house to house, apartment to apartment, and school to school. Every month a new school and every year a different city and/or state. School was the same every where I went.

    "Look its the new girl."

     "Ewww that's the new girl."

     "The new girl is a patheic nerd."

     Everyone hated me from my mother to kids I never even met.  I but as I come across my last year I realize I'll finally be able to move away and start over by my self. 

     Why Did I leave this note you ask, because i'm not sure ill make it past the next month. I think I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head. My chest hurts and my head pounds. I become dizzy and am no longer able to think for my self. To be completely honest with you dear stranger I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

                          -Love, the unloved.

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