Unspoken Lyrics

Rebecca, a lonely girl who struggles in the real world. Afraid to speak to anyone about the problem she has had to face on her own. Andrew one of the cooler kids from school finally notices a small girl in need of some help.


3. silent voices

          Dear Andrew

     I saw you pick up the note, read it and then scan the crowd for a girl you've never met. sorry that you will never meet. The look in your eye was so sweet and caring. Its the reason I have had a crush on you since I moved to this school a few months ago. You actually care about others. 

     I am leaving this note to tell you good bye. I'm not going home to night and i'm never returning to school. I've decided after all this time i'm finally done. I shall no longer take up space on this earth. 

                      2058 rocka Rd. tell my family. I forgive them and goodbye. 

                                                 -Love, the unloved

                                                                  -Rebecca Jones

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