Unspoken Lyrics

Rebecca, a lonely girl who struggles in the real world. Afraid to speak to anyone about the problem she has had to face on her own. Andrew one of the cooler kids from school finally notices a small girl in need of some help.


2. Piece of a heart

     I watch as  a girl drops a piece of paper. She walked by so fast i'm not even sure who she was. I pick up the paper. 

            "Dear person who has found this page,"  It began.  I read through the note and I fell my heart fill with sorrow. The girl who dropped this note wanted someone to find it.  My friends round the corner of the school hall. 

     "Yo. Drew. What ya got in your hand?" yells Ryan. He the one in the middle of the group with the shaggy brown hair and dark eyes. 

      "ouuu, It's a love note." Yells Jennifer the one hanging off to the left of Ryan with long blond hair and blue eyes. They've been dating awhile now and have been trying to hook me up with random girls. Cole my other friend just walked on the right of them silent like normal. His short black Hair stood up and his brown eyes gleam with amusement.

     "Something like that I suppose." I shove in into my back pocket before they reach me because I know they would take it before I got the chance to read it.  "Listen guys I got to go I'll see you soon." I race off before they could protest. I walk down the hall to my locker. The only thing on my mind is this girl. The only thing I saw of her was her long curly hair and the black long sleeve she was wearing

    I don't know who she is but I do know she is suffering.  I open the door to my locker and a note falls out.

     "Dear Andrew,"    It began. 

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