Unspoken Lyrics

Rebecca, a lonely girl who struggles in the real world. Afraid to speak to anyone about the problem she has had to face on her own. Andrew one of the cooler kids from school finally notices a small girl in need of some help.


4. Missing lyrics


             I knew her. The beautiful girl who sits on the park bench across from my house. 

 Don't give up please. I begged silently. My heart dropped and tears filled my eyes. I have no idea where to look for her. How do I stop someone from killing themselves? Where do I start?

     "Drew, Why are you crying?" Jennifer approached 

   I handed her the note in my hand and the one I had shoved in my pocket. "What do I do?" I feel tears start to stream down my face. 

     "I don't know." she read over them. "Tell her mother, I think that would be the best option."

  That night she was on the news. Rebecca James threw herself off the the town largest bridge

           Two weeks Later...

     We I stood at her funeral. Barely anyone came at all. Her mother was here for the reception and then left without a tear in her eyes. The school librarian was here and she was crying so much she was barely breathing.

           I searched her... The girl, Rebecca. I found that she was a writer. She was smart. I found out a lot things about her.

                          "I am in love with you." he whispered to the stone before him. 


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