The Runaway Mate

Hi, my name is Ruby. I am ranked as the lowest member of my pack. I get pushed around by most members of my pack. I'm thankful for my friends, my life is alright if you ask me. But that all changed when I met him..... Find out what happens later on in the book, by reading my story please!!!


3. The Explanation and The Stranger

I sit on the back of the truck and they stand there and look at me then I take a deep breath and I say, "Okay so, I have this crescent birthmark on my shoulder and it means I come from a royal bloodline 'The Hybrids'. Before my parents died they taught me how to control it, but it's been trying to break out lately. I think it's stronger because I just turned 18 and I've only learned how to control the basics." They stand there and look like they're about to fall over, I quickly get up and I hold them both up. They stand back up straight and Jacob says, "Why would you keep that a secret from us? We're your best friends!!" I back away and I have a hurt look on my face then I whisper, "I-I'm sorry, I wasn't allowed to tell anyone." I grab my bags and take my motorcycle down, I put my bags in the sidecar and I get on the motorcycle and I tell them, "Y'all can go wherever you want to. I'm going back to my old home, no doubt there is someone who took over and I plan to take it back. And hope to find a second chance mate." Lily stands in front of the motorcycle and says, "There is no way we are letting you go alone." I get off then I stand in front of her and mumbles some words in Latin and I tell her, "You're not really my friend are you? You're Clay's younger sister and whenever we got to where I was headed you would tell him so he could come and claim the throne as his own. Well that's not gonna happen as long as I'm alive." I mind link Jacob and I tell him, Meet me in the neighboring pack lands, I have a feeling that's where I'm going to need you the most. He nods his head and I get on my motorcycle and races off and Lily jumps out the way. I keep going down the road thinking about how I get to my original home. While I'm going to the neighboring pack lands I check to see how much gas I have and I realize I don't have a lot of gas in my tank. A little ways down the road I see a gas station and I pull over next to an open gas pump. I get off the motorcycle and I walk into the gas station and look around for some supplies I need for the trip. While I'm walking around the store I accidentally bump into someone and they drop their things then I say, "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that." I help them pick up their things and they reply, "It's alright I wasn't watching where I was going." We both reach for the same thing and we bump heads, "Ow." I look up while rubbing my head where I got hit, when I look at him I see the most beautiful blue eyes that I've ever seen. He stares back into my eyes then I clear my throat and I stand up then I tell him, "Hi, my name is Ruby." I hold my hand out to him and he shakes it then says, "I-I know, my name is James." I look at him weird then I say, "How do you know who I am?" He looks shocked and look down then whispers, "Y-You're th-the hy-hybrid pri-princess." I look surprised and back away. I run off and continue gathering my supplies, when I'm done I head to the checkout and put my items on the counter. The cashier gives me a weird look but rings up my supplies without saying a word. She puts her headphones on and when she is almost done, James comes over and says "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to seem creepy. But I can sense when another hybrid is around." I look at him real closely and I relax a bit then I tell him, "It's okay, also who is controlling the kingdom right now?" He hesitates but then he whispers, "Your younger brother is ruling the kingdom right now but it's too much pressure for him since he hasn't reached his full potential yet." I nod my head then I take the bags from the cashier after I pay her and I walk outside, James walking beside me. He offers to help carry some bags but I refuse and I walk over to my motorcycle, I place the bags in the side car with my stuff and I put some under my seat. James looks at me then says, "You drive a motorcycle? And all your things won't fit in there. You should ride with me, I can take you to the kingdom." I think it over for a bit then I tell him, "Okay, but we have to stop somewhere first." He nods his head and picks up my bags and walks over to a silver truck and puts my bags in the backseat. I push my motorcycle over to his truck and we put it in the trunk. I climb into the passenger seat and put my headphones in.

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