The Runaway Mate

Hi, my name is Ruby. I am ranked as the lowest member of my pack. I get pushed around by most members of my pack. I'm thankful for my friends, my life is alright if you ask me. But that all changed when I met him..... Find out what happens later on in the book, by reading my story please!!!


2. The Escape

When we get to the house I tell them to pack up their things and I run to my room and get my things together. I put all my things in bags and push the bags under my bed. I look in the mirror and noticed my hair changed colors again then I ask myself, "Why is this showing now? I was doing so well keeping it a secret until now." I head to Lily's room and I see that Jacob is in there as well. I shut the door and look at them then says, "We are leaving this pack. I can't stay here anymore." They look at me then Lily asks, "Why, did you get rejected by your mate?" I shake my head then I say, "It's worse. My mate is the pack leaders son, Clay. He didn't reject me, but I could tell that he was going to use me because I'm special..." They gasp and then Jacob asks, "What do you mean you're special?"  I shake my head and then I say, "I'll tell or show you later. But right now we need to think of a plan as to how to get away from here." They nod their heads and smile a bit.

----After Dinner----

We hurry to our my room after I finish cooking and we get the bags from under my bed and out the closet. Jacob jumps out the window and me and Lily start to throw the bags out the window and he catches them and puts them in the truck. After we finish throwing the bags out Lily jumps out the window. I'm about to jump out the window when someone wraps their arms around me and pulls me back in. I shout to my friends, "Go!! I'll meet you at the place when I can!!!" They nod their heads and get into the truck and speed off. 

I pull away from him and my eyes turn red and I say, "I don't want to hurt you, just let me leave." I ball my fist up and he shakes his head and says, "Now, what kind of alpha would I be if I let the Luna run away?" I step closer to him and knee him in the stomach then punches him in the chest and he stumbles backwards. I jump out the window and turns into my regular wolf form.

I start to run away and my red fur glimmers in the moon light. I keep running no matter how tired I get I won't stop running cause I don't want him to catch me. I stop at a lake and walk into the cave and see the truck. I bump up against the truck and they open the doors then Jacob sees me and asks, "Is that you Ruby?" I nod my head and he covers me with a blanket and I turn into a human and my hair is half red and half black. I go to the lakes cold water and try to get rid of my scent then I dry off with a towel and puts some clothes on. We all get into the truck then Lily looks at me and says, "You have ALOT of explaining to do missy."

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