A Dream Come True (JackSepticEye FanFic)

My dream has been to be able to meet Jacksepticeye and become a YouTuber like him. But I never knew that one video would change everything. My name is Katie Brown and this is my story.


7. Chapter 7: My New Home

-Time Skip Car Drive-

Jacks POV:

It's time to introduce Katie to her new home and start her up in school or homeschool. Whatever she feels more comfortable doing. She fell asleep so I slightly shake her and she wakes up. She gets out and grabs her bag that has her Septiceye Sams in them and filled Signe into the house. I grab her other bag along with mine and walk in the house where I see Katie has pulled out her jumbo sam and has it in her arms. I then say "C'mon Jumbo Sam and Katie let's go to your room." I then see a smile on her face she grabs her bag and we take it upstairs.

Katie's POV:

Jack opens the door to my room and it's a lime green color with some purple and blue paint splattered on the walls. I then look at my bed it has purple bedding along with a Septiceye pillow case. Jack asks me a question with Signe right next to me "Do you like it?" I turn around look at them and say "I don't like it I love it." I run and land on the bed I sit up them grab out my Sams and see a shelf with two other Sams that are exactly like mine. A few minutes later we head outside to go paint my dresser and desk to match my room. Jack told me he wanted to save me something to do for when I came.

After we finished painting the desk and dresser I started to unpack while Jack was making a video. Then Signe comes in with a camera and says "This is our new addition to our family her name is Katie she's really sweet and you'll love her. She just moved in but soon she'll be making videos along with Jack isn't that right Katie." I look at the camera and say "Yep I'm exited to join you and Jack on some adventures." We then hear Jack yell "MARK STOP DOING DUMB SHIT WHEN ITS YOUR TURN I DONT KNOW WHIS MORE DUMB YOU OR WADE." I figured he was playing prop hunt with Mark, Bob, and Wade. Which I'll watch that video later but I then ask Signe "Why was that so loud?" She stops recording and says "well your right next to his bedroom where he records and you will have your room set up soon." After that Jack finished his video and we went out to get me some more clothes and he clogged the whole time which was fun because I had to pull out my glasses that he didn't knew I had. But we were like buddies finding more clothes and finding books for me to read. After all the shopping we got home I went to bed and fell asleep I was super jet lagged and I knew it would take awhile before I would get used to be being in Brighton.

I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing it. I do now have glasses that's why I put it in there. But I still need some characters because I wanna start involving my readers so here you go message me on kik @ladybobcats811 let me know your from movellas and twitter @KittyKatie811

I also need people to be Mark and Amy's Son/Daughter, Wade and his girlfriends son/Daughter, and Bobs Son/Daughter. Also a friend that Katie makes at school. Fill this out plz in the comments.



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