A Dream Come True (JackSepticEye FanFic)

My dream has been to be able to meet Jacksepticeye and become a YouTuber like him. But I never knew that one video would change everything. My name is Katie Brown and this is my story.


6. Chapter 6: Plane Ride

Katie's POV:

Wiishu and I are having fun we got some snacks I got to play some games and she got me a portable charger and a pair of earbuds and headphones which were green. Then after that Jack came to is with our tickets and said "We have 5 minutes so let's go." I look at Jack and he grabs my hand along with Wiishu's. I then ask "Why did you and Wiishu adopt me Jack?"

Jacks POV:

I was holding Katie's hand when she asked "Why did you and Wiishu adopt me Jack?" I look at Signe and reply "We adopted you because we could see you needed a new life." Then Signe finished "And we thought that you would be a good daughter to us and my name isn't Wiishu that's my YouTube name my real name is Signe." I see she smiles then I hear our plane called. Good thing we were close to the gate. I then see Katie get scared because of the little gap between the hall and plane so I grabbed her hand and we jumped over it together. Then she wasn't scared we go and sit in our seats I watch her pull out her iPod and unlock it and see my song "All the Way" and a bunch of One Direction songs. I ask her "Are you a fan of One Direction?" She looks at me and then hides a little I see that she must get picked on about it. I tell her it's ok to tell me. So she replies yes I let Signe know after Katie put her headphones on that we need to get some 1D stuff for her room. She was already on it then a few minutes later. Katie takes of her headphones and asks "Jack do you love me as a daughter?" I can't believe she asked that question so I answer the truth. "Yes Katie to me you are my daughter that I never knew existed till now. I think that we will be an amazing family no matter what happens."

Katie's POV:

I start crying cause how much he has changed my life just by watching his videos. So he sees I'm crying and gives me a hug and so does Signe. A few minutes later. We arrive in Brighton and Jack says "Welcome to Brighton your new home country." I smile and run over to my suitcase that a guy is holding. It was PJ one of Jacks friends that I've seen before. He says "so you must be Katie the amazing girl I heard about." I then say "the one and only." With a loud voice and Jack walks over and thanks PJ for meeting them here and grabbing my luggage of the thing. Then he walks away and he taps me on the shoulder and says "I think my loudness is already rubbing off on you and you ready to go home." I nod my head and walk out the doors and put my stuff in the back of the vehicle and we were off.

I wanted to let you guys know that without you none of these stories would be here. I hope this is a good story but I want to tell you that the guy in this story JackSepticEye has been there ever since my dad left he makes me happy. But now I have you guys that enjoy what I write and my two friends Jen and Courtney. So to get to the point that I really want to meet Jack and just tell him how much he has done for me. So thank you and comment if you enjoy thanks.

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