A Dream Come True (JackSepticEye FanFic)

My dream has been to be able to meet Jacksepticeye and become a YouTuber like him. But I never knew that one video would change everything. My name is Katie Brown and this is my story.


3. Chapter 3: Texting JackSepticEye?!?!

Jacks POV:

I'm getting my stuff set up to make a video when my phone goes off. I walk over and see that Katie had responded. I reply "This is my number text me 846-5645 (not real number) and thanks you are an excellent YouTuber as well." That's when it all started for us.

Katie: Hey you told me to text you so that's what I did

Jack: I know that's what I told you to do so how r u

Katie: I'm doing well just working hard in school it sucks being an 8th grader but I'll live

Jack: Oh I didn't know you were in school I thought you were homeschooled

Katie: I'm gonna be moving so I will be Homeschooled and I'm moving to Doncaster, England

Jack: Well that's not that far from me so I'm guessing your in the states now

Katie: Yep so I'm gonna let you go it's time for bed for me I've got to get up at 6am for school so bye Jack love ya

Jack: Well have a good nights rest and love ya too

Katie's POV:

I get ready for bed with my Septic-eye Sammy when I realize that Jack said "Love you" but I think as a friend I don't know. Then my mom walks in and slaps me. I know I'm 13 and my mom abuses me but I can't do anything about it. My mom is drink so she don't care about anything. So she starts abusing me and what I mean by abuse slapping, punching etc. she eventually stops but this time she did something that it wish she never did.


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