Elizabeth Marton

From even her first sighting of him, Elizabeth strongly despises Fitzwilliam Emmerson, the silent, surly friend of Edmund Fitzwield, owner of a nearby estate. However when things take a funny turn and something more than what Miss Marton could ever have anticipated is revealed, she begins to realize
exactly how wrongly judgemental she has been, particularly concerning Mr. Emmerson's father...


29. About the Sequel.


So, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has read this Movella, liked of commented on it. Your support has been utterly invaluable to me whilst I was writing this, especially as it is the longest, fineshed story I have ever written. Yes, there will be a sequel and look out for the story, Beth, when it is posted (hopefully soon). The sequel will basically be the story (set sixteen years later) of Elizabeth's two children, Eddie and, of course, the heroine, Beth. It portrays the life one might lead when born into such a rich background and shows Beth's ups and downs as she struggles to maintain her own agreeable qualities and finds out more about her family and friends.


Thanks for reading! See you soon!

~Eileen. :)

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