Elizabeth Marton

From even her first sighting of him, Elizabeth strongly despises Fitzwilliam Emmerson, the silent, surly friend of Edmund Fitzwield, owner of a nearby estate. However when things take a funny turn and something more than what Miss Marton could ever have anticipated is revealed, she begins to realize
exactly how wrongly judgemental she has been, particularly concerning Mr. Emmerson's father...


24. 24.

The wedding between Fitzwilliam Emmerson and Elizabeth Marton was a very happy affair indeed, although it caused a great deal of amazemet when the news of its happening finally reached the town. Georgia Emmerson, however, who was to be Elizabeth's maid of honor, expressed eager excitement when she heard of the news, and also the joy and furious ecstasy it had brought to the hearts of her elder brother and close friend. She, though without Ophelia, had come to stay at Inklefields for the wedding and Mr. Emmerson had put off his returning to Pickely until after the ceremony, when he and Elizabeth could return as husband and wife.


Mr Fitzwield, meanwhile, whom was to be the best man, had offered to throw one of his largest parties yet in order to honor the happy couple, an offer which was then declined because, as Elizabeth rightfully put it, there would be plenty of occasions for balls at Pickely.


And so, after the wedding ceremony had taken place, Elizabeth, with the help of her sisters and the hinderance of her mother, who kept coming, uninvited, into her daughter's bedroom ("Mrs Emmerson! I am just so, so proud! Why, you shall be quite the little lady, Lizzie!"), packed for the move to Pickely and prepared for the time of her goodbye.


"You must let us visit you!" called Anne to Elizabeth, when came the time of her departure and as the carriage, with Mr Emmerson inside it, pulled up to take Elizabeth away. Elizabeth promised that she would.

"Yes. Tell us all about living in the country! And let Anne and me meet all your new acquaintances! Especially if they are rich, single young gentlemen!" added Kitty as Elizabeth joined Mr Emmerson inside the carriage and they said their goodbyes.

"Of course I shall!" laughed Elizabeth as Mr Emmerson spoke a word of farewell to Mr Fitzwield.

Janet, meanwhile, reached inside the carriage and gave her sister a last embrace. "Say hello to dear Georgia for me, will you?" she said, for Georgia Emmerson had returned home immediately after the wedding ceremony, just one day before. "And watch out for beastly Mr Emmerson Senior, Lizzie!"

"Do not fret, sister." replied Elizabeth breezily. "Sergeant Peft says that Joseph Emmerson has left the country for a while. He ought have no way of bothering us."

"Good. And Ophelia?"

"Gone to the coast." Elizabeth promptly answered. "And Fitzwilliam means to buy her a new house as soon as she gets back. A sort of persuasion gift..."

"So," asked Janet, with much more concern than her sister. "She has no knowledge, yet, that the marriage has taken place?"

"No." said Elizabeth. "None at all. No doubt she shall be angry when she finds out it has, without her grisly concentment, gone ahead, but it cannot be helped. And maybe a new house will quench her fire."

"I hope so." said Janet. Then she flung her arms around her sister. "Be careful, though, won't you? I could never forgive myself if something happened to you, Lizzie. Oh, I shall miss you so!"

"I shall miss you, too." replied Elizabeth warmly, and the carriage pulled away. "Goodbye Mr Fitzwield!" called Elizabeth out of the window, suddenly realizing that she had almost forgotten him. He waved.


Sometime during their long carriage ride, Elizabeht grew tired and fell, quite comfortably, against Mr Emmerson's shoulder. She was then allowed to sleep like this for almost the entire journey, however Mr Emmerson did eventually awaken her in time to see the first view of what was now to be her home.

"I thought you should like to see it." he said softly when Elizabeth opened her eyes. "It is a rather spectacular view."

Thank you." murmered Elizabeth wearily, still half asleep. But she then became wide awake suddenly as Pickely house came into clear view around the corner.


It was a magnificent building, large and modern, by far superior to Inklefields and Rolands, and with the most beautiful array of grounds surrounding it that Elizabeth had ever seen.

"Oh!" she gasped.

Mr Emmerson anxiously searched her face. "Do you not like it? I know it must seem rather grand-"

"Do I not like it?" repeated Elizabeth. "My dear husband, I have never seen a more delightful house! And, to think, I am actually able to call it home!"

Mr Emmerson breathed a sigh of relief and Elizabeth, in that moment, could tell that their marriage would, throughout its entire existance, forever be blessed with happiness.

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