Ryker's fight

Lilly had started over, she had left her old life in the past, starting over for good at college. She finally had what she wanted all of her life; being a nobody.That's until her past comes knocking on her door.

Ryder had always been apart of the mc lifestyle, he lived and breath for the club. women came easy and riding was the adrenalin rush he lived for. That's until Lilly was pulled through the front door of the club house, after that everything changed.


1. Chapter one

Getting drunk was never really my thing, but I always got pulled into going to a party with Molly. The whole idea of getting drunk only for your body to get really mad at you the next day and throwing a fit by giving me a hangover. I hate it more than any thing in the world, and I always end up doing it not to sound like I’m complaining.

“Come on Lilly we have to go, if we want to make it in time!” I looked at the doorway and then back at my reflection in the mirror. I’m not going to go I can’t do this again this is not my scene I’m not a social butterfly I just want to lay in my bed and read nothing else. I started stripping, I was not going that was final; I was not going to go.

“I’m not going Molly! I mean it this time; I’m already in my pajamas and under my covers!” I yelled as I ran toward my bed jumping under the covers.

“You are not getting out of this Lilly we are going!” she yelled as she appeared in the doorway, she told me with a pointed look in her eyes. “No I am not I am this is your scene not my scene, I can’t be something I’m not” I told her with a stern frown on my face.    

“I can not believe you, you do this every time! I’m going to have to go alone now is that what you wanted for me?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore it’s just not my scene I hate going out” I told her hopefully my guilt was showing on my face.

“Fine I’ll just have to go with Alex and Sandra, I’ll be a third wheel all night because of you” she told me while walking out the door.

“I’m really sorry!” I yelled after her. I started biting my lip, feeling guilty for doing it to her but I just couldn’t do it one more night. 

I reached over to my night stand and found my copy of “Fallen Too Far” I loved that book, we had been through so much together. I started reading it again, I could never get too much of this book.

I had just gotten to the scene where Rush and Blaire were sitting in her little harry potter like room and talking doing the house party. When the banging started on the door, I laid down the book and started toward the door. The banging started getting hard and hard as I moved toward the door, “hold on a minute!” I yelled getting frustrated. I reached the door and yanked open the door so irritated with the banging I didn’t check the peephole. Which was probably one of the stupidest things I had ever done. The person on the other side of the door filled the whole frame with his whole body, he had a hard look on his face, as he looked me over, the tattoos running up and down his arms weren’t exactly helping with the whole bad guy look he had going on. “Lilly Jones?” he asked in a gruff voice, looking me over again. “Yes?” I asked in a hesitant voice kind of vary over his whole appearance. That’s when the fist came flying at my face, and every thing became dark.


The first thing I noticed was the pain in my face it felt like I had run straight into a wall. Next I noticed that I was moving in a car and not laying in my bed. A lastly I noticed that my hands were tied behind my back. And that’s when it all came back to me, the banging, the scary man, and lastly the fist hitting me in the chin. That’s when the panic started to set in, my breaths becoming shallow and quick. I looked around; I was inside a van I looked toward the front seeing what looked like the man from before and someone else.

A phone started ringing, the guy in the passenger seat answered it.


“Yeah we got her”

“Steal took care of it, no one saw him leave with her”

“Twenty minutes”

 He started to turn around; I shut my eyes before he could see me. Figured I could keep that to my advantaged for a little longer or more likely 20 minutes. “She doesn’t seem like a presidents daughter.” The guy in the passenger seat said. “Yeah, but you can never count on bitches they’re sneaky like that.” Steal answered, after that the music got turned up, rock pouring out of the speakers.

The van rolled to a stop doors opening, I opened eyes trying to get a sense of where we was. The only thing I could see was what looked like a old warehouse or factory. I heard the ground crunching under boots outside as the y moved toward the back of the van. I heard a key getting put into the lock and the handle being pulled as light filled the van.  

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