Rarity 23

In a world where vampires, wolves, witches and humans mingle with each other in one realm. Min Yoongi is a werewolf vampire. Park Jimin is just an aspiring baker whose best friend happens to drag him into the fantasy world.


1. Understanding The Fantasy

Vampires. Yes they were real. No they do not burn in the sunlight. No they don't suck the blood of every person they see. Of course vampires live everywhere, however there are 15 main countries which in turn run the world of 'vampires'. Within these 15 countries there are royal households which are seen as the soul points for negotiations, emergencies and the peace between the human realm and the vampire realm.

One of these vampires is named Min Yoongi, he is the second prince of the vampire royal association within Korea. Named the 4th most prestige country out of the possible 15. And of course, if you hadn't noticed by his name he is a Min. Easily making him knowledgeably royalty of first class as well as being apart of the only family of pure bloods making him stronger and overall scarier. Each vampire has a cut off age in which they live until they die.

Min Yoongi has already reached his peak age of 25 meaning he will forever be in his mid twenties despite having his 300th birthday coming up ever so soon. Vampires usually live up until 1200 the eldest ever been recorded was 1800 years old, he of course too was a pure blood. Vampires of course lived way before what is now named humans.

At the beginning of humanity vampires were known of but feared. They had been feeding off anything that pumped blood through its veins... humans were no exceptions. To combat the slaughter, humans had created weapons, something that vampires need not to have, as to catch and defend themselves they only needed their speed and their fangs, much like a majestic lion. Vampires were lucky as they went into hiding and like anything else were forgotten overtime much like their witches and wizard counterparts.

Back to the 21st Century and both Vampires and Humans can intermingle with next to no problems. There maybe a few murder cases here and there but overall everything is usually under control. For vampires positioning is a key role in their society. A diplomatic government would create an uproar and chaotic scenes would erupt. They've never had a true problem in their government it works for them and that's fine.

Pure bloods are seen as almost an aspiration, no matter your ranking if you were to breed with a pure blood you're offspring too would be a pure blood, however most pure bloods don't mingle with those outside of their rankings as people of a lower social class are seen as being of a lower living class too. That's not to say they are not respected. The mixed betas that run the bureaucracy are undoubtedly needed as well as the younger mixed omegas that breed the next generation. Pure bloods are only alphas and omegas which is why they are too so sought out after.

Min Yoongi is quite obviously a pure blood alpha if his aura and smell of melting Rich chocolate with firecrackers and rain hadn't struck you than his fancy clothes with his fancy crown sure would have. He always had a china wine glass of let's say it's red wine (and not a glass of some petite young girls blood) in his hand, his purple and black robes would cascade down and behind him like a thick blanket would over the winter months topped of with the red eyed glint he always held in his eyes. Prince Min Yoongi of Daegu.

Name : Min Yoongi

Position : Prince of Daegu

Species : Vampire , Male

Biology : Alpha, Pure Blood , 0% Human

Age : (297) 25

Name : Park Jimin

Position : Owner of Bakery

Species : Human , Male

Biology : 100% Human

Age : 23

Name : Jeon Jungkook

Position : Blacksmith

Species : Vampire , Human , Male

Biology : Alpha , Mixed , 28% Human

Age : (187) 19

Name : Kim Taehyung

Position : Worker at Bakery , sorcerer nature

Species : Wizard , Human , Male

Biology : Mixed , 58% Human

Age : (218) 23

Name : Kim Seokjin

Position : Bureaucratic assistant

Species : Vampire , Human , Male

Biology : Beta , Mixed , 47% Human

Age : (337) 26

Name : Kim Namjoon

Position : Co-Leader of peace in realms

Species : Vampire , Human , Male

Biology : Alpha , Mixed , 36% Human

Age : (262) 24

Name : Jung Hoseok

Position : Royal Stylist

Species : Vampire , Human , Male

Biology : Beta , Mixed , 17% Human

Age : (273) 24


Witches and Vampires know about each others existence but tend to stay out of each other's affairs as much as possible. Both meet three times a year to discus each other's progress within each other's realms and other pressing issues. (Think of the witch and wizards worlds as that of Harry Potter and it might make more sense)

Vampires and werewolves are one as every vampire has a wolf counterpart of them.

Depending on their biology each has their own eye colour.

Alpha = Red

Beta = Yellow

Omega = Blue

Wizards = Purple

The more pure blood (the more vampire) you are the harsher and richer the eye colour is. For instance Yoongi's colour is a Rich and a harsh obvious red. Jungkook's is slightly more paler but is still obvious from a distance. Namjoons tinges slightly with his brown eye colour. Taehyungs isn't particularly obvious until you go up closer to him but he still needs to wear contacts when dealing with humans as purple isn't a normal colour full stop. Hoseoks yellow eyes are almost piercing like whereas yet again Jin's are more mellow.

Witches and Wizards are known for being around humans more than vampires are and have close relationships both friendship and romantically based, there are fewer 'pure bloods' but if the offspring of a witch/wizard you will posses qualities. The more human however the less you posses.

The same with vampires but not so much in magic but more in power. The more purebred you are the stronger you are as a vampire and a wolf and therefore the more desirable you are as a mate. No matter what percentage of vampire you are you can still change into a wolf it's just you may only be able to change for a shorter amount of time before exhaustion automatically changes you.


Any misunderstandings or further questions please ask :) Any particular themes you would like to see come up or ideas would be happily noted. I'd like this story would be based off of what the readers want as well as my own knowledge and storyline :)

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