Killer Instincts

Avenged Sevenfold/ The Walking Dead Crossover

Zacky is just a desperate father trying to protect his son. Negan sees potential...


2. Chapter Two

"I don't want to kill you. I want you to work for me." He had explained. "But you killed my people. For that, you're gonna pay... I'm gonna beat the holy hell outta one of you."

Negan was angry. With Rick, the group, and Alexandria. He didn't like the fact that someone was fucking with his sanctuary, and his people. Negan's pacing made Zacky uneasy, and the fact alone that Negan was actually gonna beat the shit out of someone with the bat made him sick to his stomach. He wanted to throw up. He wanted to crawl into a ball and close his eyes, and hope this just some twisted dream. He'd wake up back at Alexandria, and everything would be all good.

"Man," Negan smirked. "I simply cannot decide."

He bat rested on his shoulder as he peered at everyone, meeting his gaze with Maggie first.

"How bout you?" He asked, "You look like shit. Maybe I should just put you out of your misery."

"Don't fucking touch her." Glenn yelled, causing the man with the bat to smirk.

He continued his pacing, acknowledging everyone in the line up. As he made his way over to Matt.

"How bout you tough guy? Hm, what about the baby?"

"Fuck you!" Matt spat, clutching Tennessee close to his chest.

Fear coursed through him as he saw Negan pat his child gently on the head. A wave of nausea hit him like a brick wall. He couldn't loose his son. Not after loosing Jimmy, not after loosing Meghan. Tennessee was his pride and joy. And if the infant was to be stripped away from his arms, he'd loose his very sanity. That was if he didn't put a bullet in his head first. His son was the only thing keeping him going, and God help anyone that tried taking him away. He had to protect Tennessee. He couldn't fail him like he had failed to protect Meghan. He'd never forgive himself

"Tell me," Negan spoke. "Is he yours?"

"N-no." Matt replied.

A look of confusion made its way on the mans face. He shrugged it off though, as he continued his pacing. He glanced at everyone in the line, a chuckle escaping his lips as he looked at the man with the severely damaged face and another.

"I got an idea."

(Okay but I'm sorry for all the annoying dialogue. I'm trying to keep it to the script at best as possible because ya know this scene is extremely iconic in The Walking Dead.)

"" He trailed on, pointing the bat at Matt's head, and then following the order of the line. Zacky shook with fear as the sick rhyme went on.

"Catch...a...tiger (foreshadowing??) ... by... his... toe..."

'Please don't go through with this.' Zacky mentally pleaded. He closed his eyes, his breathing coming out as frantic hyperventilating. He couldn't watch. He couldn't handle this. He just wanted this Nightmare to end!

"My mother... told me... to pick... the very... best... one... and you... are..."


Opening his eyes, his heart dropped. The bat, Lucille, as Negan called it, was pointed at Abraham. Zacky saw the fear in his eyes. He saw the pain and sadness on all their (his group) faces. All while Negan stood there smirking. It was sick seeing a man finding so much fun and amusement in this. He was a monster, a sick and twisted monster who was showing no mercy.

"Anybody move, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father. And then we'll start." He exclaimed as he gazed down at Abraham.

"You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry- Hell, you're all going to be doing that."

With that, he swung his bat over his head with unimaginable force. A loud thud along with a sickening crack sounded the air. For a moment, Zacky had thought the guy had missed. But as he looked, he saw that Negan had not. A shocked gasp left his lips as Negan's people laughed in amusement at his people's terrified screams. Looking at Abraham, he saw the gash in his head, blood dripping down his face.

"Oh, look at that!" Negan joked. "Taking it like a champ!"

"" Abraham managed to speak out.

Negan glared at him, a smile still on his face as he glanced at the remaining group sitting there. Zacky knew he wasn't done with Abraham. It was only going to get worse.

"You hear that? He said, suck my nuts."

With that he swung the bat again, sending another blow to Abraham's head. Negan repeated the process. Bashing Abrahams skull in. Blood splattered everywhere, making Zacky even sicker, and by the time Negan had finally pulled away. Abraham was dead, in a bloody, brainy heap. He glanced down at his bloody bat, swinging is slightly so some of Abraham's blood splattered onto Rick. He then held it up in amusement and sighed.

"Look at my dirty girl."

He walked by everyone, so it was in their view. He laughed at Rosita, taunting her with jokes. He had catched on that they had dated which made Zacky sick.

"You fucking monster." Zacky cried out.

The man looked at him, a menacing glare forming on his face. "He just took one or six or seven for the team. You should be thankful it wasn't you. Take a damn look!"

He barked as he waved the bat in Zacky's face. The younger man immediately cowered away in fear. Fear he was next. He didn't want to die, not yet anyways. Negan stared at him, a cold gaze unlike anything he'd ever seen. His face was drenched in sweat and tears, rage and fear coursing through ever inch of his body.  A part of him wanted to say something- do something risky. But, he had to refrain himself. He didn't want to fall victim to Lucille.

"Look at it!" He called out once again.

(I'm changing up a couple things)

And like that, Negan turned around, meeting Daryl's fist. He had punched him square in the jaw one good time before he man with the jacked up face and another had Daryl pulled back down and on his knees. He rubbed at his jaw, a look of anger on his face. He looked at the two men, a sigh of pure annoyance leaving his lips.

"That." Negan spat, "That is a no- no. The whole thing- not one bit of that shit flies here."

He could feel it in his gut. Something else was bound to go wrong. More worse than the night had already turned out to be. Negan was gonna kill someone else. He wasn't gonna let that slide, and everyone seemed to catch on to that quickly.

"Do you want me to do it?" He asked, waving his bat around.

"No, please god no." Brian cried, causing the smirk on Negan's face to grow wider.

"I told you people. First ones free, then what'd I say?" He asked.

There was a pause of silence as Zacky glanced around at the ground and at Daryl. The man had his very own crossbow at his head. The man with the jacked up face held it, tempted to pull the trigger. Negan seemed to like Daryl though. Zacky had gotten the vibe that Negan did.

"I said I would shut that shit down. No fucking exceptions!"

Negan glanced at the man holding the crossbow, motioning for him to drop his aim on Daryl and get back in his place. The man quickly lowered the bow, stepping back. He was a puppet. That was the only way to really describe him as he was following Negan's every order.

'I bet they're all terrified of him' Zacky thought to himself

"Now," He lectured. " I don't know what kind of lying assholes you've been dealing with, but I'm a man of my word."

"First impressions are important. You need to know me." He paused, getting his bat into swinging position.

Zacky wasn't sure who was gonna get the beating. Part of him feared it would be Rick. But then what? If Rick died they'd all be Negan's toys for the night. He'd tear into Zacky and the others like that. He'd probably kill them all. The night was coming along to be unpredictable, and so was the man with the bat.

"So back to it!"

He swung his bat, and unlike the first time, Zacky had to watch in horror as the bat collided with another skull, making the first blow.



Okay, but I'm really annoyed with myself because there is so much fucking dialogue in this and literally eighty-five percent of it is probably Negan's. As said before I'm trying to keep some of it to the script cause you know this episode is really iconic and important. Next chapter will sort of follow the script but there will be tons of made

up dialogue too. I'm sorry this scene is dragging out to be three parts but the setting will quickly change. My O/C characters will be introduced at some point and ITS A LITTLE LATE FOR THIS BUT IF YOU DONT WATCH THE SHOW AND PLAN ON WATCHING IT,,,,THIS STORY HAS SPOILERS FROM THE SHOW. Please excuse errors I'll be editing this story later on. Leave a vote or comment if you like.


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