Killer Instincts

Avenged Sevenfold/ The Walking Dead Crossover

Zacky is just a desperate father trying to protect his son. Negan sees potential...


1. Chapter One

He was nearly out of breath as he sat out in a hastily trek. They had sat out earlier that day, and he had not intended for it to be that cold. It stung him like electricity. His limbs were achy, his breathing ragged, and although he was drenched in sweat, he was freezing. His group had one, and only one goal in mind:

Get to Hilltop.

He carried a stretcher, and with each passing moment he could feel an eerie tension growing. A tension so thick, it could have been cut with a butter knife. An unsettling feeling settled deep within his gut, and a part of him- his mind was screaming for him to stop both himself and the others. As they continued deeper into the wilderness, a whistle sounded in the air.

It was bone chilling. That was the only way he could describe it. They weren't alone. And something told him they weren't safe. As the whistling continued to sound the air in different directions, it was clear to Zacky that the threat of running into an enemy was greatly possible. But the question was who?

"Run!" Rick, the obvious leader of the group called out.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him despite the lingering ache in his calfs. He didn't dare look back. It was a rule of his. Don't look back, only look forward. But he didn't want to look forward. He didn't dare dwell on what may lay ahead.

They had been through tough situations before. But deep down, the young man knew they were about to become face to face with the deepest shit they had ever encountered yet.

The running came to a sudden stop. Silence screamed and taunted the group as they met  a clearing head on, vehicles and spot lights surrounding them.  He squinted, adjusting to the bright lights and gazing at the group of men before him. Towards the right of the men was Eugene, Abraham, and Glenn, and towards the left was the RV that used to belong to them. It was stolen from them not too long ago.

"Welcome!" A man exclaimed with a hint of cockiness.

Zacky looked around behind him, noticing the fear on his people's faces. Even Rick had a hint of fear on his face which was uncommon. It was nerve rattling to see it. Rick was the leader of the group. He was strong and courageous. He'd never seen Rick so scared. It was extremely unsettling to him.

"Get on your fucking knees." Another man called out as then the group of men before them pointed their guns at them.

"Rick..." He called back, his greens eyes meeting blue.

"Help me set Maggie down, Zacky." Rick interrupted.

He listened and obeyed Rick in fear of what the men with the guns would do. Helping Rick place the stretcher down was a simple task, but it felt like the hardest thing he'd done. Maggie was sick, and she needed a doctor. He couldn't bear to see someone he was close to so sick. She was his best friend, one of them, and she was a fighter. He had never seen her so weak.

"Maggie!" Glenn, her husband, called out. He looked at her, trying to make his way over to her only to be roughly pushed back down onto his knees. She glanced over at him, giving him a reassuring smile even though it was fake. She had to look tough. She couldn't show weakness.

Zacky glanced around again, settling down on his knees in the process. He sat between Carl and Maggie. To the right of her was Rick, Brian, Sasha, and Michonne, and to Carl's left was: Rosita, Arron, and Matt who held Zacky's small, one year old, Tennessee. Abraham, Eugene, and Glenn didn't make up the line. They sat a good

couple of feet away from everyone. (It's been a while since I've actually seen the episode and it's too heartbreaking to watch again so please bare with me as I'm not too sure if it was a line up or if they were thrown into one big circle...)

"Look," Rick begged. "We don't have to do this. We can figure this out."

Zacky had known Rick long enough to know that the man always had one tactic he always went by first.


"We're done talking to you, and your people. It's time you listen, and pay..."

Time seemed to go by slower by the ticking moments. He had watched these people drag Daryl out the back of a van, beaten and roughly dragged towards the line. Along with Glenn, Abraham, and Eugene. Daryl was covered in blood, sweat, and tears. Zacky couldn't believe it. His eyes had to be deceiving him. He never thought he would ever see Daryl, of all people, crying. He was far too tough of a guy unlike himself. Zacky was weak, and he was actually surprised he made it this far.

When shit first hit the fan, Rick and his people saved him and his friends. They would have been Walker food, or Walkers for that matter if it wasn't for Rick, Shane, and Daryl. Atlanta Georgia was hit hard with the virus, and when thinking about it, and all the close friends (Jimmy included) and family he lost, it brought tears to his eyes. A part of him wondered if California was as bad as the news had set it out to be. Brian had lost hope in thinking his parents and siblings were alive, as for Matt, and Jimmy. Even Johnny thought Lacey and his son were gone. It hurt Zacky to see his friends just give up, and that is exactly what they did.  They had lost complete and utter hope in this world, and that brought a wave of tears.

A man laughed at him. It was clear to Zacky that the man with the severely damaged face saw his reaction to seeing Daryl being dragged out.

"Are you seriously crying?" He laughed, "What a fucking pussy!" He spat.

He began to cry harder despite Carl whispering to him that things were gonna be okay. Things were not okay. Things would never be okay, not in this lifetime anyways.

"Zacky," Carl, Rick's son, pleaded. "Stop crying. Don't look weak."

Carl was right. He couldn't cry now. He needed to man up for his sake. For his groups sake. He looked at Carl, wiping the stream of tears from his face. The boy gave him a pat on the back, squeezing his shoulder in an attempt to reassure him.

"Looks like the party is all here." The same man with the damaged face spoke, "Let's meet the man."

Zacky wiped at his eyes, glancing at Matt and his little boy. He man with the damaged face walked over towards the RV and pounded on the door. Within a second the door opened up and then slammed shut in a flash.

Out came a tall and intimidating man, fit with a black leather jacket and a wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The appearance of the man was enough to make Zacky cower away in fear.

'Be strong. Don't look weak.'

"We pissin' our pants yet?"


"Man, do I feel like we're getting close," he chuckled as he swung the bat ever so slightly in a careless manner. "Which one of you pricks is the leader?"

"This one." The same man that had called Zacky a pussy, smirked.

The man with the baseball bat gave a sinister smirk as he began making his way towards Rick's direction. He stopped once he was in front of Rick and knelt down so he was face to face with Zacky's leader.

"Hi. Rick, right?"

There was a pause of silence. It made it feel like time had stopped. Zacky was scared beyond belief.

"I'm Negan," he smirked, "And this..." He held his bat up so it was in Rick's line of sight. "This is my lady, Lucille, and she's in some dire need of some blood."


Hi guys!!! Here's the rewrite I've brought up and to be quite honest I love it one-hundred times more than what I originally had in mind. Also I've updated the cover (photo) and I actually kinda dig it. If you want a cover for a story DM me and I'll see what I can do. Also BOI CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE OPENER EPISODE FOR SEASON EIGHT OMFG!!!! I   D I E D. 10/10 loved it! Also, if you don't watch The Walking Dead and you do plan on watching it, next chapter will have definite spoilers for season seven so keep that in mind. Leave a comment and like if you want. Hope you enjoy! Update soon!

~Unholy_Angels_6661 aka Kallie

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