When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


6. 6. FaceTime

Laura's P.O.V


The room was dark except for the pathways of light our flashlights gave off. The building looked pretty much like your typical abandoned place so far. Broken wood everywhere, shattered glass, graffiti on the walls, torn down walls and ceiling, etc. "This building kinda looks as if it may have been some type of office building. These look like filing cabinets and there's paper everywhere," Sam showed the camera around the area he was talking about.


"Yeah you have a point. Look over here this looks like a welcome desk type area," I walked behind a wooden structure littered with paper and graffiti. 


**Really sorry about this, but I'm going to do a time skip. Had annoying horrible writers block every time I went to write this chapter. So I'm going to skip the exploring part because nothing big was going to happen during it anyways. Sorry, again!!!**


~A week later~


Sam and Colby just uploaded a video: EXPLORING UNKNOWN ABANDONED FACILITY


I smiled as I saw the notification pop up on my phone for the latest Sam and Colby exploration video that I so happened to have been in. After waiting about an hour I finally go click it and rewatch it while reading comments. 


BrendaHK: Who's that girl, Laura??

Ryan7282: I think Sam or Colby likes her idk which one


I wish I scoffed to myself as I glanced back up at the video to a smiling Colby. My heart fluttered. 


S&Cgirl02: I don't like this girl 

Nalayo: I'm so confused where'd this girl come from???

Hanya: Laura who???


I rolled my eyes at a few comments and laughed at others. I was the mysterious girl on Sam and Colby's newest video.


I doubled clicked the home button before swiping out of the YouTube app and then tapped my contacts. Scrolling till I saw Emily's contact I pressed the phone icon then my phone started to dial her number. 


"Heyo!" Emily cheerfully answered per usual.


"Hey, E, have you watched the new Sam and Colby video?" I smirked knowing she hasn't yet seen it. 


"No, why?"


"Go watch it right now it's so good I want to hear your reaction to it all it's crazy!" I pretended to make it sound like it was another one of their crazy exploration videos where something happens. 


"Ok ok!" I heard Emily's keyboard clicking from her laptop and a few mouse clicks. Moments later I heard the familiar intro to Sam and Colby's videos. "Woah, Laura, this girl looks like you."


I rolled my eyes "3 2 annnd-" I heard Colby's voice say my names then screaming.


"Wait! That is YOU! With Sam AND Colby! In one of their EXPLORATION VIDEOS! This explains why you weren't telling me anything!! How did this happen?! How did you meet?! Oh no... oh my.... can I meet them!!" Emily started speaking all in one breathe as I laughed.


"There you go and slow down slow down...." I then proceeded to explain how I ran into Colby literally, then at the coffee shop, and all that jazz. "Then he invited me to explore annnnd here we are." I looked down as I started to get an incoming FaceTime call on my MacBook from none other than Mr. Brock himself. I clicked answer as I kept talking to Emily holding my finger up to Colby as he connected smiling, "Well would you look at that the man of the hour no other than Colby Brock himself has FaceTimed me. Got to go, E, talk to you later!" 


"You're FaceTiming Colby?! You go! Tell me everything love you!" I laughed as I hung up throwing my phone on my bed before sitting at my desk in front of my MacBook. 


"What was that about?" Colby was laying in his bed with what I'm assuming is his MacBook propped on his chest. 


"My best friend Emily, who I did a little shout out to in the video last week, she just saw the video and was freaking out," I laughed along with Colby when he remembered Emily and I are fans of him and Sam. 


"Oh yeah I remember that."


"Anywhooo what made you feel the need to randomly call me today, Colby Brock?" I pretended to get serious as I sat up straighter.


"Well, Laura Grace, sorry to interrupt your little fan girl conversation there. I was just bored and thought talking to you would be fun," Colby smiled at me making my stomach twist into knots as I smiled feeling myself slowly blush before I looked away pretending to look for something. 


"How charming," I say sarcastically as I pop back into the camera. 


"I know I am."


"Oh and a pinch of sass with a dash of cocky in their too Mr. Brock," I noticed I started flirting with him as a mentally facepalmed myself. I'm flirting with YouTuber Colby Brock. Yeah cause that'll get me somewhere. 


"You like it," Colby smiles and winks at me. Flirting back? Probably not. 





Really sorry it’s a filler chapter. :((

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