When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


5. 5. Exploring pt. 2

Laura's P.O.V


I switched the switch on the left side of my phone to silence it for the night as Emily blew my phone up with texts. I jogged down the two flights of fairs from my apartment building pushing the glass door open at the bottom. I smiled and waved to Colby who was sitting in the passenger seat with a camera on his lap. Wow. I was really going to be in one of Sam and Colby's exploration videos. This is amazing. 


Sam's P.O.V


I shifted the car into park as we stopped next to an apartment building. Just as I stopped a girl in all black with two french braids emerged from the building pushing the glass door open. 


"Yup she's hot," I smiled punching Colby's arm. 

Colby ignored me as he smiled and waved to her. 

"Man you must like her." 


"Do not," Colby laughed looking away from her to me. 


Nodding I unlocked the car doors, "we'll see." 


Colby's P.O.V 


I rolled my eyes as Laura opened the right passenger door and sliding across the seats so she's behind Sam. I turned slightly so I could face her.


"Welcome to Sam and Colby's exploration videos! You are about to not only see the hours that go into a fifteen/twenty minute video, but you are also about to be apart of it!" I cheered holding the camera up in the air. "If you will please Sam head to the Starbucks around the corner and park and we will film the intro. Are you ready for tonight, Laura Grace?"


Laura's P.O.V


I gulped hours?  "Apparently I have no choice so let's do it, Colby Brock." Sam parked the car in the Starbucks parking lot. I unbuckled myself and grabbed my backpack as I pulled the handle and pushed the car door open. Slinging my backpack onto my back I closed the car door and slipped the hood to my hoodie over my head letting my braids rest over my shoulders. 


Colby waved me over to where him and Sam were standing on the passenger side of the car. I jogged around the car standing in front of them.


"Alright so before we start filming let me introduce you guys. Sam, this Laura the girl I told you about and is joining us on this video. Laura, this is Sam my best friend and partner on this specific YouTube channel we are filming for tonight. You guys ready?" 


Colby placed the camera on the top of Sam's car facing us with its light on. I waved to Sam and smiled and he did the same. "This'll be one interesting and fun night."


"I couldn't agree more," I laughed and nodded to Sam's comment before giving Colby a thumbs up as I stood in between him and Sam as he pressed the red record button.


Colby's P.O.V


I pressed the red record button and backed up next to Laura who was standing between Sam and I. 


"What's up guys it's Sam and Colby here, and tonight we've got something really cool to explore if you hadn't read the title yet." Sam began the intro before pointing over to me. 


"Tonight we will be exploring a HUGE abandoned building Laura and I came across today. Real quick this is Laura Grace my new friend I met just a few hours ago today and went exploring with through the forest. We came across this place and decided to not explore it and save it for tonight." 


Laura waved to the camera and smiled, "Hi! Quick side not to my best friend Emily, these are my new friends I was talking about earlier surprise!"


"Well damn, Colby, you told me Laura watched our videos, but she's clearly a big enough fan she knows what to do. She wore all black brought a backpack-"


"With granola bars, water, flashlights, and batteries because you two never learn to bring some."


"She even brought batteries! She also knew to stand in between us for the entry!" I laughed giving Laura a high five as Sam finished.


"With that being said we are going to start heading over to the place it's a bit of a hike," I finished up and grabbed the camera turning the light on it off. 


Laura's P.O.V


I took on arm off the strap if my backpack sliding it over to my side as we started walking, "did you guys bring flash lights at the least?" 


"Duh we aren't that stupid," Sam flicked his flash light on and off in my direction. 


I smiled shaking my head as I unzipped my backpack pulling out a flash light flicking it on then off checking it's batteries before zipping it back up and sliding my arm back through the strap. I walked in between Sam and Colby down the side walk till we came to a field and on the other end was the beginning of the forest. 


"We are now walking towards the edge of the forest," Colby turned the camera pointing in the direction we were walking before turning the camera back to himself. "Now Laura and I didn't really do much of scoping the place out. So we are going into this completely unaware of if there are any kind of security around this area, unaware of any kind of history about this place we don't know if it was just a house, a hospital, asylum nothing. But, hopefully we will soon find out." 


I flicked my flashlight on as we began to enter the forest onto a dirt path covered with leaves and sticks. "Should we whisper now or do you guys only do that when you feel like someone's near or thinks are getting haunted like?" I asked in a low voice. 


"I mean we kinda of talk a little low not yelling much of course. But, we don't really whisper till we see or hear something or someone," Sam flicked his flashlight on as he explained it to me sweeping the light across the forest around us.


"We're getting closer to the building now we should come to a clearing any time now. Oh! Well here it is," Colby slowly walked into the clearing where the building was shining his flashlight on it showing the camera the building. Sam and I pointed our flashlights toward the building to give Colby a little more light for the camera to see it all. 


"This is huge! We have to find a way in and figure out what this building was," Sam began jogging towards the building's front door.


"Sam! Sam! No!" I tried to whisper yell at Sam who stopped and turned to look at Colby and I confused. "We do not know if this building as some sort or security or not we need to walk around it and check it out before we go waltzing in!" 


"Yeah she's got a point, Sam, we should check it out first," Colby agreed with me as we started to walk in a circle around the clearing. I was walking a head of Colby who had the camera on me and on the building as we walked.  


"Woah..." I stopped walking shining my light ahead of us. Right behind the building was a gravel road that led through the forest just beyond that I could make out the shapes of more buildings in the dark. "This is definitely something big guys."


"So what Laura just came across is this gravel road behind this building were behind right now that leads a short way through the forest. Right beyond that we can see the outlines of some more buildings," Sam stood in front of the camera pointing to the road and shining his light down it towards the buildings in the other side. 


"Let's find a way into this building, look around, try to figure out what this place was, and then see if we can explore the other ones," Colby laid out a plan slowly walking towards the building. "Sam, can you take the camera for me? I'm gonna run around and see if the front door is unlocked. Laura, go ahead and see if the back door is." Sam took the camera as me and Colby headed towards the doors. 


Slowly I approached the door it was a wooden door with graffiti tags all of it with a couple holes that look like someone either kicked or took a hammer to it. I reached out turning the silver doorknob before tugging on the door. I turned around towards Sam who followed me over to the door with the camera. I screamed and jumped before covering my mouth. 


"Damn it, Sam, I though you followed Colby!" I whispered.


"Sorry! I didn't want to leave you alone," I heard running against grass from the side my eyes grew as I looked to the side then back at Sam. "Crap run to the other side of the building!" Sam and I took of to the other side flicking our flashlights off. 


I pressed my back against the brick wall as Sam peaked the camera around the corner, "Colby! You scared us we thought you were someone else!" Sam let out a relieved breath before walking out towards Colby who ran straight past Sam to me. 


"Laura! Are you ok?" He grabbed me on either side of my arms as his eyes inspected me. 


"I'm fine Sam just scared me. Back door is locked by the way." 


Colby nodded "so is the front door." 


"Yeah no I'm fine to, Colby!" Sam assured him laughing we Colby stuck his tongue out at him and the camera. "Anyways all these windows are broken we can just climb through one?" 


"This one doesn't have much glass around the frame, but it's kinda high," I pointed my flashlight at the window next to Colby as Sam pointed the camera at it. 


"I've got this," Colby backed up before running towards the window and jumped grabbing onto the ledge pulling himself up through the window and then dropping out of sight. After a couple seconds he popped up. "Well there is a table conveniently placed under this window in here. Here, Laura, I'll help you up," Colby held his hands out as he leaned over the window. I tucked my flashlight into the front pocket of my hoodie before wiping my hands on my leggings. I walked forward grabbing Colby's hands. I felt butterflies and ignored them as Colby pulled me up and I tried to find footing on the wall to help him pull me up. I got to the ledge and tried to throw a leg over the side as Colby tried to put his arm around my waste to pull me through causing him and I to loose our balance and I fell through the window as he fell back onto the table. 


We both screamed as we fell through, "woah guys you both okay?!" Sam yelled from below through the window. "Colby? Laura?" 


I felt two arms around my waist as I opened my eyes to darkness. I grabbed my flashlight the fell out of my pocket and was laying flicked on on the table next to me. I reached out and grabbed it feeling it's cool metal and shining it in front of my looking for Colby. 


"Ah! Trying to blind me?" Colby closed his eyes. I had landed on top of him and it was his arms I felt around my waist. 


"Oh, sorry!" I laughed and blushed a bit since I was laying on top of him. I moved the flashlight so it wasn't in his eyes, but we could will see each other.


"Colby?? Laura?! You guys alive?" Sam yelled worry thick in his voice.


"We should probably get up and help Sam up," I whispered staring in his blue eyes. 


"Yeah probably," Colby stared back at me not moving. I cleared my through as I pushed myself off of him standing up and looking through the window.


"Yeah we're fine, Sam, want to hand me the camera and Colby and help you up?" I reached out for the camera as Sam stood on his toes handing it to me facing it towards himself. 


I turned the camera towards myself jumping off the table as Colby stood up and leaning out the window to help Sam up. "So tiny recap on what happens there. As Colby helped me up he tried to pull my through as I tried to throw a leg over the ledge through the window and we lost our balance and fell back. We're okay just being stupid." I heard a yell and crash from behind me. I turned around facing the camera and my flashlight towards the boys. "Like that," I stared laughing to see Sam on top of Colby like I was just a few seconds ago. 


"I am never helping you two through a window again!" Colby yelled pushing Sam off of him and jumping off the table.


I laughed shaking my head, "hey did either of you bring masks? We should probably wear some just in case." 


Sam sat up removing his backpack, "I brought our famous black masks for exploring. Welcome to the club, Laura," he handed me and Colby a mask. Colby put his on before taking the camera from me so I could put mine on.


"How do I look?" I joked facing the camera posing. 


Colby laughed, "perfect." 


Sam raised his eyebrows at Colby, "what'd I say." I tilted my head as Colby rolled his eyes punching Sam's arm. 


"Well, let's get to exploring this place," we pointed our flashlights around the room we were in as Colby led the way.

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