When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


4. 4. Exploring

Laura's P.O.V

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind as a day full of exploring Los Angeles," I walked along a dirt path behind Colby as I tied a brown elastic around my ponytail avoiding branches. 

"Relax and trust me you just gotta learn to....take chances," he stopped for a moment smirking at me and pointing at my shirt. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk behind him. 

"Can I at the very least get an answer to where your taking me? Because I do not feel like exploring a haunted hospital and barely escape police." 

"Ahh so you watch my videos," I kicked a pebble at the back of his leg laughing, "well if you insist. I don't know." 

"What?" I stop walking. "What do you mean 'I don't know' we're gonna end up lost!" 

"Well you said explore and I already know Los Angeles-"

"I don't I only just moved here a year ago and have been auditioning this whole time." 

"I assumed you did for the amount you've been here. Plus, who doesn't want to go on fun adventures! Especially like this we could stumble across...." he trailed off before he stopped walking and I walked around him to see what he was staring at.

"Anything?" I finish his sentence as he nods.

"Me and Sam have got to do a video on this. Let's go."

He grabs my hand pulling me towards the huge building overgrown by vines and bushes. There was broken glass everywhere and graffiti too. I took in the 5 story brick building as we walked closer to the front steps. 

"Uhh Colby maybe we should just come back another time."

"Oh c'mon where's the fun!" 

"Fun?! Colby this is a creepy huge abandoned building...which is what you love. But, not me I would much rather be exploring Hollywood Boulevard and not a what? Old abandoned insane asylum or whatever this is?" I watched his eyes light up and I groaned.

"What if it's an abandoned insane asylum!" I shook my head as he nodded. "Ok fine fine. We'll leave as long as you, Laura, make me a promise."

I thought about it for a moment. He's clearly going to make me promise him something I am not going to want to do, but if I don't promise I may have to go into this building right now which I do not under any circumstances want to do. 

"Ok I promise whatever it is as long as we can leave right after you tell me." 

Colby smiled making me want to take back what I previously said, "I'm going back here with Sam tonight to make a video. You Laura Grace since you already promised are coming with us." 

My eyes widened as I turned to look at the building trying to imagine how much scarier it looks at night.

"There is completely no point in me arguing," I walk past him back to the dirt path. "Remind me to never go 'exploring with you again', Colby Brock." 

"Your idea, Laura Grace, and no promises there." 


Colby's P.O.V

I got Laura's number and she sent me her address. Sam and I are going to pick her up at 9 tonight to go explore that abandoned building. 

"Sam!" I burst into Sam's room as he looked up from his phone laying on his bed. "Laura and I were exploring and found an abandoned building in the woods. You and I are picking her up at nine and the three of us are going to go explore it and make it our next video. 

"So...who's Laura? What building?" Sam slowly sat up raising his eyebrows.

"Oh right," I laughed fixing my hair, "Laura is the girl who knocked me over this morning. I ran into her at Starbucks couple hours later and we went exploring together. She wanted to explore L.A., but you know boring so I took her and we explored the woods. We come across this huge abandoned building that she didn't want to go into. So I make her promise to come back tonight with you and I to make a video. She gave me her number and address annnnd here we are." 

"Colby, you're telling me you run into this girl who knocks you over a few hours earlier, sit down at Starbucks with her, decided to take her exploring through the forest instead of the city, come across an abandoned building, and now you want her to be in our next video exploring it tonight?" I started to realize how crazy it all sounded as Sam did a quick recap of what I just explained to him. 

"Uhh yes?" 

"Cool," he got up heading over to his closest.

"Oh and Colby? Is this Laura is it? Is she hot?" 

I blinked a couple times caught off guard, "What?"

"Clearly she must be. You don't disappear almost all day and come back saying you were with a random girl you barely know not to mention, and want to have her be in a video with us that very night."

"I know her. Her name is Laura Grace, she's a dancer, and she moved here after high school to pursue dance. Oh! She also watches us on YouTube she was wearing a 'take chances' shirt today," I smiled.

"Again, barely know. You know three facts about her and that she's a fan. Of yours not to mention. She has to be hot if your doing this," Sam threw a black 'beyond the norm' hoodie and black t-shirt on his bed and black jeans. 

I shrugged, "Doesn't mean I'm attracted to her. We just ran into each other twice in one day and ended up hanging out. Just so happens I found her cool enough to be in our video."

"Uh-huh. Just go change we pick her up in an hour." 


Laura's P.O.V

I tied my elastic to my last braid as I looked into the mirror. I just finished getting ready and had on black leggings, a black tank top, over it a black Victoria's Secret hoodie that had a dog on the top left corner on the front and said love on one arm in white pink on the other, black converse, and braided my hair into two French braids. 

I picked up my phone texting my best friend Emily from back home.

Emily: How'd today's audition go? 

Me: ugh. I'd rather not talk about that. :(( 

Emily: Aw. Got any plans for tonight then? Or just staying in again booking more auditions? You need to take a break L. You've been doing back to back to back dance auditions since day 1 of L.A.

Me: Oh no I have plans for tonight actually. 

Emily: Really?! With who? Or are you just gonna treat yourself tonight? 

Me: Uhh let's say I may have made a new friend. But, I don't want to jinx it he's really nice. 

Emily: HE?! 

I was about to respond to Emily when I got a text from someone else.

Colby Brock: Hey it's Colby. 

Me: I'm aware you put your name in my phone, Colby Brock. 

Colby Brock: Oh yeah forgot haha. Sam and I are out front, Laura Grace. 

Me: Be right out. 

I smiled staring at my phone screen before my phone dinged. 

Emily: Hello?! Laura? Who's he??? 

Me: Sorry, Em, him and his friend are here to pick me up now. Trust me you'll understand soon. 

I grabbed my dark purple back pack stuffing two water bottles, some granola bars, a flashlight, batteries, and my phone it in before grabbing my keys and walking out locking my door behind me.

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