When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


3. 3. Nice t-shirt

Laura's P.O.V

"One grande vanilla bean please," I tell the barista at Starbucks before handing him a $10 bill. 

"Here is your change your drink will be ready soon over at the end of the counter," I smile and thank him before walking to the end of the counter.

I scroll through my phone while I wait looking for upcoming dance auditions I can possibly go to. 

"Grande vanilla bean!" 

I grab my drink and find the last open table and sit down. 

"Blueberry muffin!" 

I glance up as a guy grabs his muffin before looking around for a seat in the crowded cafe.

Good luck finding a seat 

"Do you mind if I sit here there's not really any open tables or seats," I glance at the seat across from the small circular table before looking up at the guy.

Blue eyes met mine. 


Colby's P.O.V 


"I could find somewhere else," I start to walk away before the girl speaks up.

"Uh sorry no you can sit I don't mind at all." 

I turn and sit down before smirking,"Nice t-shirt. Oh hey! You're the girl who knocked me over earlier today!" 

I laughed as she looked down at her shirt then at me gasped then registered the second half of what I said and turned bright red covering her mouth.

"I'm so so sorry, Colby, I was just in a rush for an audition then I missed it and it's just been a rough day." 

"No worries I get it," I took a bite of my muffin,"obviously you know me, buuuuut I don't know you." 


"Laura Grace."

Laura stops drinking her drink and stares at me half creeped out half shocked.

"And I'm just now realizing that came out way creepier than I thought it would. I saw your name on your bag when I was editing my video," I smile and looked down at my muffin. 

"Ohh see now that sounds less creepy should've said that at first." 

I shrugged laughing while finishing my muffin.

"Well, Colby Brock, if your gonna call me by my full name I'll call you by yours."

"Fair enough," I sit back crossing my arms.

"This chat was lovely, but I have to go I'm exploring L.A." 

Laura stood up flashing me a smile before throwing her cup out and walking out the door. 


Laura's P.O.V 

I pause for a second before I turn left and walk down the sidewalk. Did I really just have a small somewhat casual conversation with Colby Brock inside of Starbucks. 

I stopped walking and mentally face palmed myself. I did not run into Colby Brock earlier, knock  him over WHILE he was filming, AND just rudely run away instead of helping him up. I groaned and started walking again. 

"Laura!" I turned around to see Colby running towards me as people move out of his way. 

"Mind if I join?" He caught up slightly out of breathe moving his hair out of his face. 

Mentally jumping up in down inside I kept my cool, "yeah sure," I smile as my stomach has butterflies. 

I'm about to spend the day exploring Los Angeles with Colby Brock.

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