When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


2. 2. Crashing into someone

    “I’m so sorry I crashed into you! I would stay a bit, but I’m sort of late for something. I’m so sorry!” I get back up and continue to run. All I saw was a guy, a camera, and a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. Probably won’t ever see him again. 

Colby’s P.O.V

    “I’m so sorry I crashed into you! I would stay a bit, but I’m sort of late for something. I’m so sorry!” I hear a girls frantic voice before feet hitting the pavement quickly. 

Grabbing my camera I stand up, “Took my by surprise, but it’s al..and I’m talking to myself.” I look towards where I heard the feet go, but no ones there. Someone was really in a hurry. 


While editing my video I slowly click through the frames moments before this girl knocks me over. Then there she is upside down in the frame after the camera fell. There’s a slim tallish brunette girl in work out clothes and her hair in a tight bun. As she turns my eyes catch something I pause the video. She’s carrying a duffle bag with I’m guessing her name printed in it in black letters. “Laura Grace,” I say to myself. I have no idea why, but something about her makes me want to meet her. I shake it off closing my laptop.


Laura’s P.OV. 

“I’m sorry you can’t go through here we have auditions taking place,” a tall woman blocks me from entering the studio. 

“Oh, no I’m Laura Grace I’m auditioning I just had an incident on the way here so I’m a tad late,” I smile explaining the situation. 

“Oh! Well you still can’t go.”


“This is a very precise dance audition. No excuses to being late. I’m sorry, but maybe next time there will be now ‘incidents’,” I gasp as she leads me out of the building shutting the door. 


I unlock my front door before slamming it shut. I head straight to my bedroom and changing into a pair of white shorts and a black take chances t-shirt. I slip on some converse before grabbing my keys and heading out. Maybe I can explore some of L.A. a bit today since I blew my audition and haven’t gotten to do much of that.




Author’s note:

So Laura does know who Colby is just not that he was the guy she ran into. Sorry for short chapters currently. I’m just trying to get the story moving. Once I get it to how I want it chapters I promise with be longer!



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