When Two Worlds Collide

Laura Grace Dancer. Instead of going to college moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Dance world.
Colby Brock youtuber. Lives in a mansion with his best friends and has made it in the YouTube world.
Running late to an audition. Filming a video. Laura runs into Colby while he films. Colby has barely time to recover before Laura is gone.
Will they meet again in an unlikely situation? Or will Laura come across his channel? Perhaps Laura even knows who he is.
See what happens When Two Worlds Collide.


1. 1. Running late

   Do you ever wonder what living in L.A. is like as an ordinary person? All these celebrities around you. Singers, actors, dancers, youtuber, you name it they’re here. Do you run into one almost every week? Befriend a celebrity? 

    The answers are pretty cool, not a lot, and if I only could. Living in L.A. may mean living around a lot celebrities. But, you know what else it means? Living around even more every day people doing all sorts of every day things. And me? I’m one of them. 

    Names Laura. Laura Grace. Graduated high school and to my parents disappointment took my savings and college fund and moved to Los Angeles to make it as a dancer. I’ve been here a year. A year full of auditions, call backs, turn downs, shitty jobs, and living alone. Oh! And no celebrity friends. 

    Today just happens to fall into my endless cycles of auditions. Shocking I know. 




 “Let’s see...pointe shoes, hairspray, Bobby pins, and all the usual audition stuff check check check annnnd check,” I casually talk to myself as I go over my bag once more. “All ready to go an I should be there 20 minutes early leaving me with time to stretch,” I smile please with myself as I raise my iPhone to check the time. My heart drops. More like I’m running 20 minutes late. I grab my back and keys and run out the door. If I’m lucky I’ll arrive just on time and the running will warm up my muscles. 

    As I run I plug in my headphones and scroll through my playlist. At the very least I can listen to a good song and arrive with a good attitude right?     Nope. I crash into someone

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