Christmas Miracle

Alana has given up on the idea of love. As a single mother with a young child in London, Christmas is all about paying the bills and spending time with her child. Alana feels she has no time fr love but maybe all she needs is a Christmas miracle.


2. Chapter Two

Alana took deep breaths as she finally reached the playschool, she had ran all the way from her home since she knew her son would be waiting for her. Her eyes searched for her little prince as she saw parents collecting their children. Alana eyes looked for her sons teacher, an old elderly woman called Betty who had been Alana teacher twenty years ago. Instead of hearing Betty's old sweet voice, she was surprised to hear a male deep voice. Alana turned her face to see her son Noah walking beside a young man, as soon as Noah saw her he ran towards her. Alana hugged Noah tightly, embracing her beautiful son. She inspected him, before she stroked his brown curls. 

"I see you've been painting," Alana said gesturing to her sons paint covered shirt.

"Yes Noah has been painting and he seems very good at it," the unfamiliar voice stated.

Alana stared at the stranger curiously not knowing who he was. He seemed to be around her age and seemed to not fit in, wearing short sleeved shirt in the cold. 

"And you are," Alana said, holding Noah protectively by her side.

"Hello sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Seth Elcarim, the new assistant teacher and art teacher." The new teacher introduced himself.

"Where's Ms.Walsh?" She inquired wondering where Betty was.

"She's gone on a holiday with her husband. It's very nice to meet you ," Seth answered.

"Oh that's nice for her, well it's nice to meet you too." She repeated.

"Well, we are looking for volunteers for our assembly to help the kids and we would appreciate if you could come," Seth told her.

"Sure. Well, I think its time we leave bye," Alana mumbled turning to leave.

"Bye Alana, I will see you tomorrow," Seth cheerfully said tugging on his ear strangily.

Alana smiled as she held Noah small hands. They were walking on there way home discussing school.

"Mum, don't you think the new teacher looks like an elf," Noah mentioned.

"That's not very nice thing to say about your teacher," Alana replied though she couldn't help but agree especially with his long ears.

It was only when they reached home that Alana wondered how Seth had known her age. She dismissed that thought deciding that Noah had probably mentioned her name and that was how he knew. After all, that was the only possible name that he would know her name.

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