Sad stories T-T

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1. Who I have loved

 There was this couple who loved each other very much. One day, on their 10th anniversary, Michelle, the wife, had wondered who her husband, Joshua, had sincerely loved.
​ "How about this?" Michelle had said to Joshua that night at dinner. "Let's make a list of everyone we have loved in our lives, and we will give the list to each other."
​"Why?" Joshua had asked, hurt. "I have loved no one but you." he stared at her with glossy eyes.
​"Nonsense," Michelle said, pushing the eyes out of her view. "There must have been someone that gave you that feeling."
​"Yeah," Joshua mumbled. "Sure."
​ so then it came to that tomorrow night. Michelle had made a small list: ​Patrick Raynes, Adam Foster, Jax Jones. A little list front and back, a handful of dates from college. They met at the dining room table.
​ Michelle was horrified at what she saw. The list... it was like a book. There were probably 30 pages in there! Angry, Michelle immediately threw their wedding ring in the drain and walked out the house, to never return again.

​The next day Michelle had heard bad news. Joshua had died from depression. She was deeply sad, and went to his funeral, which was held at their house. The book was still on the dining room table. Sad and disappointed, she went and picked up the book. Her heart dropped when she read what was inside. ​Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...


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