Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


8. Red Roses Pt.2

"Sorry to break the news, but your mother has died." "Hearing those words that filled my ears with sorrow, I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything I just stood there tears running down my face, but my face held no emotion, so cold hearted like anything from that point on didn't matter to me, no one mattered to me...except Sarai but not until she hears what happened between me and Camilla. That night has been playing in my brain on repeat like a broken record it just won't stop, but I finally have come to a conclusion to just not tell Sarai I know it would just break her.

Speaking of her she doesn't know that I have come to see her I wanted it to be a surprise, so I could see that beautiful smile upon her face, and the way she glows when she smiles is just so beautiful. I park right outside the front door walking out and opening the door. "SARAIII IM HOME" "JUSTIN?!" I see her running down the stairs jumping into my arms holding, squeezing me so tight. "Hey baby, I missed you so much I say kissing her on her forehead. "Hey we need to pack for the funeral I say giving her a small smile.

"Oh Justin i'm so sorry" she says hugging me again. "Don't be sorry for anything baby girl" I don't know what it is but Sarai makes my problems go away like i forget about them the whole time i'm with her like she is the only girl in the entire world."I'm going to go pack i will be right back Justin" "Alright" i go upstairs with her to pick out a nice suit that I could wear, I pick out a royal blue suit my mother loved this one on me, so I will wear it. I look at Sarai and hold her tight out of no where, "Promise me you will never leave me" i say kissing onto her neck "I promise" 

I throw all of our clothes into the back and stop by the park just to sit for a minute before we board onto a plane. "Justin i just want you to know that I love you, and you may not feel the same and i unde-" I kiss her stopping her midway through her sentence "I love you" I say looking into her bright brown eyes. "Did you like my roses?" I say giving her a smirk.


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