Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


7. Red Roses Pt.1

"I wake up to another day without you Justin, and it feels terrible, words cant even explain how I feel at this exact moment in time. I want you here with me skin to skin, lips touching mine, I keep thinking about that kiss we both shared and it's clear that I like you maybe even love you..." 

Ever since Justin has left I have been writing in this "diary" more and more so much that it feels natural. I wake up and the first thing I do is write about how I feel at that moment. I haven't ate in a day and I still don't feel hungry i know this may be dramatic but Justin is my drug and without him I feel empty, and I have never felt this way before, it would hurt if he ever were to destroy me...

I walk downstairs and make myself a sandwich, "Ding Dong" "Who is that"  I ask myself opening the front door, "Delivery to Sarai" "Yes that is me, would you mind telling me who sent me these?" "A man named Justin" I sign the paper and take the beautiful red roses. I read the card:"Roses for my Baby Girl <3I smile and put the roses in a vase. I try to call Justin to thank him for the roses, but a girl picks up .
"Hello is this Justin?"

"UMM no this is his sister actually, but I can take a message" 

"Oh okay just tell him to give me a call when he can" after that the phone hangs up. It felt weird, like something wasn't right, but I shook it off and told myself that I was being crazy. Instead I send a text to his phone saying thank you for the roses and that I hope that his mom gets better really soon. I would hate if his mom died he would be so broken

Thinking of that I pick up my phone and call my mother...

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