Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


4. Love is Pain



"Hurry up you are running all of the hot water out!"

"Okay, Okay" I walk away from the bathroom door and head over to my closet picking out my outfit for the day; A white bandeau crop top and baby pink sweats. "Finally" I say as i see Justin's lower half wrapped up in a towel and the whole bathroom steamy from his hot shower."Don't stare for too long" I roll my eyes and lock the bathroom door and turning on the shower. "SARAI I NEED MY TOOTHBRUSH" I open the bathroom door and pass him his toothbrush "Aww man I was hoping you would be naked" I slam the door in his face and resume to my shower.

Once I am done i wrap a towel around me and get my clothes off the bed and change in the bathroom, i sit on the bed and watch the jersey shore while eating oven made pizza. I notice that I haven't called or texted Maria since that night, i walk out onto the balcony and call Maria. "Hey Maria!" all i hear is crying and then it hangs up. hmm that's weird it's probably nothing. I walk back to the bed and see Justin sitting where I was, "Who were you calling?"

"Oh just my friend Maria" I say sitting in the spot next to him, I pull the blanket up close to my chest he leans in close and wraps his arms around me the 3 sounds in the room: my breathing, his breathing, and my beating heartbeat. "Sarai i have to tell you something" 


"I am leaving tomorrow morning because my mother is very sick, I just got the phone with my sister and she said I need to be there asap and i will be gone for a couple of months so the house will be yours please don't do anything crazy." "I won't but when you are there call me everyday and keep me updating in case I need to go down there too" before i could get another word out he slammed his lips into mine, our lips both moving in pain and passion. "Umm Sarai im so sorry"

"Don't be" I say and give him a small smile.

- In that moment they both knew that kiss meant more than what is seemed-


Author's note

Hey gals and males...I finally had the inspiration to write at exactly 8:48 so here is a new chapter finally!!!! So yea how are you guys? I'm great! lmaoooo okay I'm gonna go now but please leave comments of what you think of my book and feel free to give ideas. :)


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