Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


3. Finally Moving In

I walked up to my mom's front door. I take in a deep breath and slowly knock on the door. I decided to come to my mom's house alone only because i didn't want to overwhelm her with Justin I felt like that would make the situation even worse than it already is and creating unnecessary drama between all of us. She opens the door, realizing that it's me and attacks me with a hug. While she is doing this i notice that she has bags under her eyes like she hasn't slept in ages. I hug her back tightly smelling her scent that always would comfort me, she invites me to come inside, I head towards the table ready to confront her about everything that is going on.

"Hey darling" my mom said smiling trying not to show how hurt she is inside. "hey....umm  i need to tell where i am going to be staying and how this is all going to work out between us. " I say looking anywhere besides her face i couldn't look at her straight in the face just to see the pain in her eyes. " I'm going to be staying at a friend's house for now and before you ask no you don't know them but for some reason i can trust them.."

"I-I understand" she says looking at me with tears dripping down her face. "Okay well i have to go and pack" I say. getting up and packing anything and everything in my room, once im done i manage to pack everything and my car and drive off.I drive home with tears on my face, pain in my eyes. and my heart covered in scars. It felt as if someone was continuously stabbing me in the chest non-stop. I walk in with Justin greeting me with a warm tight hug. "So guess what?"

"What?" i ask while setting down a few of my bags onto the floor. "I made dinner" he said with a cheeky grin, leading me into the dining room where 2 plates of grilled cheese on the table "Haha, so this is what you call a dinner?" i ask sitting down. "Well considering the fact that i can't cook, yea" i laughed the whole night and all of a sudden i felt something weird almost like butterflies but...different they were fireworks.


Author's Note 

Hey guysss, so as you know i was supposed to upload 2 chapter yesterday but that didn't work out (Read my mumble to find out why ;) but I will try to upload another chapter for u guys and also I would like you guys to comment and let me know your thoughts on my book and PLEASEEE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS I am kind of running out of some soooo pleaseeeee give me some I would gladly appreciate and before I close this off let's just talk about how christmas is in 2 days i am so happy but yea MERRY CHRISTMAS! -T


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