Not All Bad Girls Go To Hell


5. Dumb Diaries

It has been at least a month and a half since Justin has left and I feel....

Well to be honest I didn't know I felt, there are so many emotions going on in my body I don't even know if it's healthy or not. I throw my diary across the room frustrated at myself "Ding Ding" I pick up my phone quickly answering seeing that it was Justin. 

"Hey babe you okay" I ask with my knees close up to my chest with my back against the wall. ", she is not getting any better they think we should go ahead and start making arrangements" Once he said those words I heard a soft sniffle, "Are you crying?" I ask sitting up immediately "No... look I have to go I will talk to you later okay?" 


I hang up the phone and turn towards my sister. "Who was that?" she asks with her arms folded across her chest. "Sarai.." I say turning my attention to the room that held my very sick mother. "Are you kidding me, you have too much on your plate to be fooling around with Sarai"

"I know that but..." 

"But what?"

"  I love her" I say looking up at her with tears consuming my eyes. "Oh yea? let's see if she will feel the same way once she finds out that she was a bet A BET JUSTIN" she says throwing me a sarcastic smile. "Stay out of this Sarita seriously" I say walking back into my mother's room. 

"Hello Justin and Sarita!" 

"Hey Dr Drone" I say giving a weak smile. "Im just here to check how she is doing, oh and to ask if you guys have started doing arrangements yet" "Oh umm no not yet" I say rubbing the back of my neck in nervousness. "Sorry what he means to say is that we are working on it" Sarita said giving him a perfect fake smile. "Good! I will see you guys later then?" he says and walks out of the door.

"Seriously Sarita stay out of my relationship" I say walking out of the room, towards the parking lot to get some fresh air. "Hey you okay?" I turn my head towards a beautiful brown head girl, she had perfect shaped eyes filled with a nice soft green eye color. "Yea" I say looking back down at the ground. "You don't seem like it" she said walking over towards me, "Come on tell me whats wrong." I don't what it was but she made me feel like i could trust her with my whole life.

"Well my mother is sick and may die in a day or 2 the love of life is stuck somewhere else where i can't even protect her, oh and let's not forget that my  sister is being a stuck up bitch who can never act right. "Maybe i can help you with that..




Author's Note

Hey guyssss i know i have uploaded in ages im not dead LMAOOOO but my internet was out for a couple of weeks but ya girl is back and better than ever so heyyyyyy and like and read and comment ;)

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